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The State Garden Show Schleswig is located on the water - and that's a good thing! Editor Beate Leufen-Bohlsen has blown the wind in Schleswig-Holstein around the nose.

Garden Show Schleswig: The north is blooming: show

Rises over numerous flowerbeds: The St.Petri Cathedral

At the end of June, I arrived at the station in Schleswig after a long train journey. With the flow of many visitors, I got a little tired with the shuttle bus directly to the main entrance of the Landesgartenschau.
Wind and a sky with an interesting play of clouds greeted me at the entrance to the Königswiesen, the approximately 16-hectare exhibition grounds on the Schlei, which extends between Gottorp Castle and St. Peter's Cathedral and forms the green core of the garden show.
You can stroll here, past spacious beds with colorful summer flora or perennials, which are protected by low dogwood hedges from the wind. In the midst of the terrain, the so-called Schleikanal spans the terrain and, like the accompanying promenades, always directs one's gaze to the cathedral or castle. From here you can quickly reach the shore of the Baltic Sea fjord Schlei, where you can swim on sunny days, lie in the beach chair or enjoy cool drinks on the terrace.
The area is easy for young and old to explore on foot, and if you need a break, you can relax in one of the many beach chairs and on picnic benches in the area.

Garden Show Schleswig: The north is blooming: Schleswig

Please take a seat: beach chairs for tired visitors

While adults indulge in a time travel through garden culture, learning about the eras of garden art in eleven garden rooms, children will find a versatile field of activity on the Viking Playground or in the garden for young naturalists.
In addition to flower show and the garden market at the entrance numerous theme gardens such as "rose garden", "fountain garden", "blacksmith garden", "cold garden" or "exquisite garden treasures" await the visitors.
Garden designers and landscape gardeners show how versatile a home garden can be designed. If you do not just want to see flowerbeds or art objects, you can take the boat over the Schlei and the 40 hectare Viking Museum in the Haithabu Immerse Vikings.
The special feature of this state garden show: Included in the entrance fee are also the visit of the art collection of the castle island Gottorf and the baroque garden, which lie however outside the exhibition area. The family-friendly garden show in Schleswig is open until 5 October.
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Video Board: Rosarium Uetersen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

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