Make garden signs of concrete yourself

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Anyone who has started using concrete for creative purposes can not stop it - especially as new, complementary products increase the possibilities even further. Have you ever thought of labeling boring garden corners? Small, original changes provide variety! We'll show you how you can easily make concrete signs yourself.

Step by step: making garden signs in concrete

Transparent mold

Tracing lettering with concrete liner

The mold is made of transparent plastic (left). Apply lettering with a concrete type liner (right)

A transparent mold is ideal for this concrete sign, because then the text template - even written or printed and copied mirror-inverted - fixed from below with tape and the lines are drawn. With a special concrete liner to trace the outlines and fills the surfaces. The higher and bulkier the latex lines, the better the prints will later be visible in the concrete. After two to three hours, the font is dry enough to continue.

Oil the mold

Fill liquid concrete into the mold

Oil the mold (left) and pour liquid concrete into the mold (right)

The entire mold is brushed with cooking oil, so that the concrete slab dissolves well later. The letters remain hanging in the concrete, so that the shape can then be reused immediately for a new pattern. The concrete pouring powder is mixed with water to a viscous mass. Please wear gloves as well as a respirator mask for safety: The dust must not be inhaled, even if handicraft concrete products are usually, as here, reduced in pollutants. The dried objects are no longer dangerous. The liquid concrete is slowly poured one to two centimeters thick in the mold. Slight shaking and tapping causes air bubbles to dissolve.
Tip: With special pigments from the paint trade, you can color concrete when mixing. Depending on the quantity, pastel tones or strong colors result.

Remove lettering from latex

Beautify garden sign made of concrete

Remove latex from the concrete (left) and highlight the lettering (right)

The plate should dry for at least 24 hours before gently tipping it out of the mold. The latex font can be easily removed, either with a little instinct or with the help of tweezers or a needle. Now the impression in the smooth concrete surface is clearly visible. By the way: Concrete objects only have their final stability after about three to four weeks. Therefore, you should still be careful and not burden the plate for the time being. If you like, you can emphasize the contours even more by lightening the area around it with a pastel, weatherproof chalk. For this, moisten a smooth sponge with paint and lightly stroke or dab on the board. Tip: The result is even better if you remove the latex lines after repainting!

Best buy

Fine concrete casting powder and concrete type liner from Creartec

Fine concrete casting powder and concrete type liners from Creartec are available from Amazon

The contours for a lettering on the garden sign are applied with the concrete Art Liner and are best distinguished in fine-grained concrete. The viscous latex emulsion dries up elastically. When processing the concrete powder please observe the safety instructions.

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