Lay garden stones

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Garden stones as a base for a terrace or as a way through the garden can be easily laid yourself.
on his new terrace or on a new path can go really well and accident-free.
Above all, the preliminary work is important. It must first be created a good gravel bed on which the garden stones then find their place. Furthermore, you have to calculate how many stones you need at all. With conventional cobblestone paving, one calculates 70 to 100 stones per square meter. Anyone who relies on other types of stone can seek advice from the specialist trade in accordance with the required quantity.
Lay garden stones step by step
Once the gravel bed or sand bed has been created and leveled, the stones are laid up one after the other. Each stone should be worked with a rubber mallet, so that it can also be fixed in the provided bed.
It is important when laying that all stones are at the same height, which is why the use of a spirit level is essential. So that the lateral lines are in an escape, it is also recommended to set cords that act as a guide.
When laying it is also crucial to consider joints. These should not be larger than one centimeter, otherwise the surface does not have sufficient stability. If the surface is provided with stones, it is necessary to close the joints. For this purpose, simply sand is spread on the stones and this incorporated with a broom indie joints.
Since the soil is still sinking a bit, it is advisable to scatter more sand along the way, which will then be flushed into the joints by wind and by entering.
If, after a few days, the sand has settled properly in the joints, the stones should be compacted with a weight (rammer or vibrating machine). Afterwards, it is recommended to flood the path with fine sand and water.
Lay garden stones
Anyone who is not skilled in craftsmanship or simply does not have time to worry about the garden stones themselves can also entrust a company with this task.
At this point, everyone should seek out several offers, because the price ranges for craft services are sometimes very large. The decisive factor in the price comparison is whether the company only calculates the working time or whether it is a price per square meter. Furthermore, it should be taken into account whether the company only takes over the work or whether it also brings the necessary materials.


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