Build garden table from Europallets yourself - step by step instructions

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Simple europallets can be used to create stylish garden furniture with a bit of manual skill. How to build your garden table from Euro pallets yourself!

Garden table Euro pallet build yourself instructions

Old makes new - Upcycling is the new trend. So here is not recycled, but upgraded again. The result is unique pieces of furniture with a special rustic charm. (More about this trend)

If you're into furniture blogs or constantly browsing through living magazines, this trend is certainly not unknown. Whether tables, benches, lounge furniture, shelves, cabinets or accessories - from europallets can conjure up everything possible with a little manual skill.

The garden table is especially suitable for beginners. The setup is easy and does not take an unnecessarily long time. If you are proud of your Do-it-yourself garden table in the end, you should add it to your interior as a special eye-catcher.

" My advice: This new garden table comes into its own when it is staged with the right seating. For example, furniture made of wickerwork or sturdy teak wood furniture (both on are a perfect match for this table. These materials are durable, easy-care, 100 percent weatherproof and offer a high level of comfort. (Reading tip: winterize garden furniture - care and storage tips)

Build a pallet table yourself - That's how it works

❒ find europallets

There are many pallets. Especially on construction yards and in agriculture are very common to find such europallets. Just have a look around your area. Are not there some locations where the pallets are stacking up to the meter? Here you can be lucky enough to come to Euro pallets relatively cheaply. Just ask.

In addition, also offer various classifieds portals Euro pallets for pickup. The prices are very different here, but move on average to the 10 euros per pallet.

❒ material

  • 2 europallets
  • 1 thin plexiglass plate
  • 4 swivel wheels best with parking brake
  • 4 small anti-slip discs
  • Wood screws for mounting the rollers
  • wood stain
  • brush
  • abrasive paper
  • grinding machine

❒ Instructions

➀ Step 1: pretreat Europallet
First you have to sand down the europallets neatly. This is important so that you do not break up later. In addition, the color keeps better on the boards later. It's best to use a grinder that is faster and easier. At the corners, however, it is best to finish with sandpaper at the end, since these parts are difficult to reach with the machine.

" Tip: Afterwards try to run a hand over the beams and check if there are any wood splinters left.

➀ Step 2: Connect the two pallets
A palette is so heavy that it does not even slip. However, if it is safer, when the two are bolted together, wooden latches should be made at this point.

To do this, take a batten and saw four equal sized wooden plates. Measure in advance exactly how big they have to be.

Now you can connect the pallets together. Place the europallets with your feet on top of each other, put one wooden lug on each corner and screw them with the appropriate screws. Best suited for this is a cordless drill. Quickly and without much effort, you will be done with this task.

If you want, you can only use one pallet for the table. Then you can ignore the second step.

➀ Step 3: Paint the pallets
Now color finally comes into play. You can decide for yourself which color or glaze you use. To preserve the veins, it is recommended that you apply only one coat. Paint the large area with a wide roller and the corners with a brush. The color should be allowed to dry overnight.

" Tip: Brush your new garden table outdoors in the open air or in well-ventilated areas. So the color dries faster and it is healthier anyway.

➀ Step 4: Attach rollers
Now you can already attach the rolls. To be able to move the table back and forth later, you should use wheels with parking brakes. I found rollers that are even suitable for lawns on At the same time they also provide sufficient load capacity. So you do not have to worry about the table breaking under the rollers.

Simply screw the wheels to the lower corners of the Euro pallet and you're done. It is best to use special wood screws that have a sharper point and do not crack the wood when mounting.

➀ Step 5: Apply plexiglass plate
If you do not want small parts falling into the crevices of the Euro pallet over and over again, you should put a plexiglass plate on the upper pallet. Simply place a small anti-slip disc in the corners and then place the Plexiglas plate on top.

Done is her new garden table in a very special design.

In this video you will be explained exactly the exact procedure again. Worth watching!

" My advice: With individually designed drawers, the garden table looks even more impressive. Just take the exact measurements and get started.

Video Board: DIY Pallet Table.

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