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Remove wild wine: the best remedy for harbor roots

Wild wine is a true climber. Over time, he conquers the whole house with his foliage. But trying to get him off the wall again is tedious, time-consuming and not always successful. What really helps?

Flower irrigation - watering flowers, watering

Horse poisonous plants

The horse has made itself indispensable as a sports partner, its evolutionary survival seems assured. The poisonous plants that a horse can encounter in everyday life, however, are becoming ever more diverse, they can even get into hay or concentrated feed. So a little bit of information is absolutely necessary so that a horse can live his days as safely as possible; the article gives an overview.

Garden tips for July - garden calendar

June was still busy in many areas, in July it will be a bit calmer in some ways. Only those who have fruit trees can hardly save themselves from work: The harvest is coming. Which trees are taken care of, what to do with the lawn and much more is in the garden calendar.

Gardening Tips for November - Garden Calendar

In November, it is time to winterize the garden, balcony and terrace. Non-hardy potted plants should now be cut back and given back at the latest. In the vegetable garden you can harvest the last vegetables. And by the way, foliage is busy sweeping. What else should one think about? We summarize the most important things.

Gardening Tips for June - Garden Calendar

June brings a lot of gardening with it, after the rather quiet May it can be quite exhausting. But also the first fruits of the work can be harvested: Strawberries and some early berry bushes can be harvested. Of course that also means that the ripening fruits must be protected from hungry birds.

Gardening Tips for September - Garden Calendar

As of September, the autumn is gradually catching on. The harvest season is not over yet: berries, cabbage and garlic are waiting in the flower beds. Conversely, flower bulbs can be used for the coming year. In ornamental and vegetable garden, it is advisable to think of the soil preparation. Evergreen coniferous and deciduous trees can be transplanted. In short, there is always something to do!

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