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One would think that all garden tools are equally well suited for right and left-handers. But this is not the case. Here are some garden tools especially for left-handers.

Secateurs Felco-9 master class

If you are a left-hander and you already wanted to cut something with a pair of scissors for right-handed people, you know the problem: cutting simply does not work. And so it is with some gardening tools. While it is very easy for right-handers to do the work in the garden, left-handers have to struggle with it. Annoying, exhausting, annoying.

Of course, that does not apply to all garden tools, because manufacturers have always strived to develop garden tools that can serve both right and left-handers equally well. With spades, hedge trimmers, rake and Co. there are no problems. However, there are some devices that simply can not use both equally well. These include the secateurs, the yardstick and the grass shears. Below therefore corresponding models for left-handers presented.

Garden tool especially for left-handers


As with the example with the normal pair of scissors, the problem continues to the garden. Even the traditional garden shears are not suitable for left-handers. You can work with these scissors only with an increased effort. The garden shears Felco-9 master class (for example, here available) can provide a remedy.

The scissors have light, robust and non-slip handles made of forged aluminum and fits very well in the hand. Thanks to the ideal shape of the handles, the angled head and the buffer shock absorbers, fatigue-free working with the Felco-9 master class secateurs is possible for a long time without problems. With this pair of scissors, gardening is fun even as a left-hander.


Left-handed ruler

Here's another problem: a folding rule always measures from left to right. This means that we put the ruler on the left at the beginning of the place to be measured and then read on the left side. Left-handers do exactly the opposite: they read off to the right. Unfortunately, this is not possible with a normal yardstick. So you have to create the yardstick on the head at the end and then measure it mirror-inverted. Annoying, awkward, annoying.

Anyone who faces this problem in the future, e.g. To save on measuring balcony boxes, we have found the perfect solution here: a left-handed folding rule (available here, for example). The scaling runs from right to left on this model, so that left-handed people can read the numbers the right way round. Right is therefore the 0 and left the 199, because the ruler is 2 meters long. A must-have for all left-handers. Incidentally, the left-handed folding rule is made of white lacquered wood. He also has brass springs.

Grass Shears:

VARO grass shears with 360° swivel joint

Yes, it may also be true to use a normal grass shears as a left-handed person with the right hand. However, this costs a lot more power to a left-hander. Annoying, awkward, annoying.

But there's a solution to that as well: the VARO Grass Shear with 360° swivel (available here, for example). So that means that the cutting edges are easy to turn in different positions. Thus, the pruner itself allows trimming on difficult corners and edges. And that in turn is made possible by the hardened blades with wing angles that are self-sharpening. Incidentally, the handles are ergonomically shaped and padded.

The grass shear is not only designed for cutting lawn edges. With her you can also cut smaller hedges and ground cover and thin out.

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