Garden trees: 50 species - small, large and fast-growing trees

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Nordmann fir

When creating a new garden, the site boundary plays an important role. For this purpose, especially conifers are suitable, which are planted next to each other. In addition, conifers - for example, applied as hedges - also serve as effective privacy. Since they are evergreen, they protect both summer and winter.
Fast-growing varieties, such as thuja, have proven to be particularly suitable for such purposes. These cypress plants, which are available in different shades from golden yellow to emerald green, can be used particularly well as hedge plants, since they are very cut compatible. The hedges can be given a very individual note by special cutting measures.
Note: Although spruce and fir trees are also among the fast-growing coniferous trees, their growth height is rather unsuitable for this purpose in a private garden. If they are trimmed, however, the appearance of the trees suffers.

Fast growing deciduous trees

The fast-growing deciduous trees include the following varieties:

Birches - Betula

More than one hundred species of birch trees, some of which are particularly suitable for use in the private garden; For example, the paper birch has a very decorative trunk and is altogether very undemanding. However, since the plant belongs to the shallow-rooting, it should not be cultivated near beds.
The rowan also grows very fast and grows up to 12m. Especially in autumn, the hobby gardener benefits from the extraordinarily decorative foliage, which shines in rich yellows and oranges. During the cold season, the small reddish fruits are an important food source for birds. From some species, for example, the "Edible Rowan", can also produce delicious jams.
In addition to the decorative and fast-growing deciduous trees is the pasture, which graces the festive Easter table especially in the spring in the species Kätzchenweide. In addition, the plant is a valuable bee pasture and can be easily maintained even by beginners.

Bamboo - Bambusoideae

One of the fastest growing trees, however, is bamboo, which, botanically speaking, is one of the grasses. However, the plant can grow like a tree and, in addition to its interesting shape and color, is characterized by its enormous vigor. For impatient hobby gardeners, this plant is therefore the best.
No matter if you decide on a fast-growing tree, a large or a small variety or be inspired by the decorative aspect - who has made the right choice, will take many years to enjoy his tree with good care!

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