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Whether different salads, cabbages, fruit vegetables, flowering vegetables, root or tuber vegetables, onion vegetables, legumes or even exotic vegetables, in the home garden thrive many species. For the individual vegetables there are numerous processing options. For many species, like most salads, it is essential that they are freshly processed, so harvest and prepare and consume.
Unlike normal salads, it just does not work. Many vegetables, however, can be preserved for a longer time. They can be frozen, boiled, dried, put in (oil, alcohol), salted, lactic fermented or pasteurized. While most types of processing lose important ingredients, you'll have to put up with them if you want to preserve the vegetables.
The best way to process vegetables is to consume them fresh, whether raw or cooked, depending on your options. Raw vegetables have a lot of vitamins and minerals that we humans desperately need. In addition, vegetables have tremendously low calories. There are hardly any healthier foods. Another plus for vegetables, especially from their own garden is the versatility. It can be said raw food, freshly harvested, but it can also be boiled and processed into soups, side dishes, stews, sauces. What would Spagetti Bolognese be without fresh tomatoes, a stew without fresh mixed vegetables? Vegetarians are not the only ones to consume enormous amounts of vegetables. For reasons of health, more and more people are doing without the usual amounts of meat and sausage and prefer more vegetables. Since there are so many different types of vegetables, it is clear that the types of preparation and the recipes are numerous.
We would like to inform you in this category how vegetables are handled properly and gently. We offer numerous recipe suggestions. Browse through the following pages and choose the suitable one. Healthy vegetables from your own garden, where you can be sure that it is not contaminated by insecticides or pesticides, there is hardly anything better. Whether young or old, something can be found for every taste. Even with vegetable dishes changes a lot in the preparation. Everything used to be cooked for a long time, it had to be soft and tender. Today it is better to have it bite-hard and with vitamins and minerals. Many new recipes conquer the market and are worth tasting for once. Get started and have fun browsing and copying!

Garden vegetables - processing and recipes: vegetables

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