Shred garden waste properly - which shredder?

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Is the purchase of a shredder worth it? In a larger garden in any case, because there are clippings almost all year round. Tree and shrub cut in spring, hedge in summer and then especially in autumn when shrubs are cut again. But also rough garden waste, which arises during the Beeteabräumen. When buying a shredder should be based on the size of the garden and the amount of wood waste.
Practical wood chop for the garden
Wood chaffs are always welcome in the garden as they find a wide variety of uses. The chaff are ideal for mulching under bushes, trees and trees. In natural gardens, they are suitable as a covering for paths and on the Behrend a wall of wood chaff can serve as a snail barrier. Above all, the shredded is used for composting. Filled between the individual layers of kitchen and garden waste, the shredded material prevents the compost from compacting. There is enough air to the waste and they rot faster. This is especially important when composting grass clippings. This is mixed 1: 1 or 1: 2 well with the wood chop. What can be chopped up?

  • Branches and branches of shrubs and trees
  • hedge trimming
  • Thick stems of perennials
  • Thick stalks of vegetables, like cabbage
Long branches should be shortened before shredding so that they can be pushed more easily into the shredder.
The right shredder for every need
Shredders are also offered in shops under the name shredder. But which is the right one? The offer ranges from the small, inexpensive model to the powerful large-scale shredder. For those who have a large garden with many shrubs and trees, a large, powerful device that also creates thicker branches is ideal. In any case, the purchase should be more on quality and performance, than on the price to be looked. An advice in the specialized trade or test results can be helpful here.
Which shredder is best?
Choppers are available with various drives and chopping systems. Gasoline and diesel engines are relatively loud. But who has to chop lots and lots of branches, should choose a device with powerful four-stroke engine. Devices with electric drive have the disadvantage that they must be connected to high voltage and this is not widely available. The chopping system also offers different models.
  • Knife shredders, process the shredded material quickly, but the devices are quite loud
  • Roll chipper, work slower, but quieter
  • Roller shredder with turbine cutter, work fast and quiet
The knife chopper works fast. He has a rotating disk with blades chopping up the chopped wood. The branches and branches are cut clean and flat. This makes the chaff very well suited for mulching and as a pathway. Cons: The devices are pretty loud. The knives often have to be reground but are easy to remove. Also, butchers from time to time clog. But as you get to the cutting unit well, the blockage is easy to fix. There are powerful double-edged knife choppers. In these, the knives are ground on both sides and can be turned if one side is dull.
Quieter work roll chippers. In these branches and branches are crushed into coarse pieces, which are then good for composting. The clippings are pulled in automatically by the roll chopper. Some models have a reverse function that causes the roller to reverse in the event of a blockage. Disadvantage: When regrinding the roller - but it is rare - the shredder must be taken apart. Roller shredders with turbine cutting work fast and quietly. They have a comfortable working height and are very powerful. Different models of forage harvesters have a built-in grass catcher and switch off automatically as soon as it is pulled out.
Chipper types in detail
Basically, two different types of shredders are available from specialist dealers: roller and knife chippers. The manufacturers offer a variety of different models in all price categories. Every shredder has its advantages and disadvantages, which everyone has to weigh personally. In the first place, it plays a major role, for which purpose the resulting shredded material is to be subsequently used. Basically, the shredded material is available either for mulching or for composting.
Knife shredders are particularly well suited to get very fine shredded material, which can be used to cover the ground. In the process of chopping the chaff material is continuously nachgeschoben. Most of this type of shredder is cheaper than the roll chopper. The latter crushes the crop with a cutting-crushing technique.Since it is only squeezed and coarsely shredded, it is particularly suitable for composting.
An advantage of the roll chopper is the noise level, because he works very quiet compared. However, he works with only a low speed and a high torque. The shredded material itself is automatically drawn in by the shredder.
But also on the safety in the selection of the shredder and the chopping process to pay particular attention. The shredder itself should have a mark. When working with the shredder, you should always wear gloves, goggles and, if necessary, a hearing protection. The safety instructions of the manufacturer should be strictly observed and complied with.


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