Garden clocks: 3 beautiful models presented

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Once you have started gardening, time often flies by. However, to keep them in view, here are 3 beautiful garden clocks presented.

Antique: the sundial

Who does not know that: since you dig in the garden, just so deep with the rubber boots in the dirt and then you notice that you do not wear a wristwatch. If you do not have a garden clock to hang somewhere, then it annoys green and blue, because finally you have to walk out of the bed and the garden shoes and only once in the house to look at the time. This is not only annoying and annoying, but literally seduces to insert an actually unintentional pause.

A garden clock should always be one of the first garden accessories you can buy. This does not have to look like a classic watch - it may also be fancy, have some extra features, etc. These three great, different garden clock models are for example a great accessory or a great decoration for the garden. So you can confidently renounce your wristwatch while gardening and do not have to be afraid that this will be damaged.

3 beautiful garden clocks presented

➤ Model No. 1 - Sundial:

Following the example of antiquity, you can, for example, integrate a sundial in your garden. With such clocks, our ancestors could see the time outdoors centuries ago. So why not set up a slightly different kind of clock in the garden?

This pretty model (available here, for example) has a very elegant dial with engraved Roman numerals and is made of slate. The watch has a diameter of 25 centimeters and a total height of 16 centimeters. With its design, it adapts to almost any garden style and looks great between flowers or placed separately on a pedestal.

➤ Model No. 2 - combination clock:

Practical: the combination clock

Also popular in the field are so-called combination clocks (often called weather stations). These usually have not only a dial for the clock display, but also a thermometer and a display for the humidity. 3 in 1 - handy, right?

For example, this polythene case art shale watch (here available, for example) incorporating a thermometer and a humidity meter is very beautiful. It has a diameter of 45 centimeters and has a Roman dial. Due to the enormous size, the time is easily recognizable from a distance. Moreover, this clock is a real eye-catcher in the garden by its design.

➤ Model No. 3 - Clock with planter:

Pretty: clock with planter

For those who want to decorate their clock with plants, this model is just the thing: this is a plant basket with clock and thermometer (for example, available here). The whole model is made of plastic and has a width of about 27 centimeters and a height of 31 centimeters.

The planting basket you can plant all year round with a variety of flowers and make your garden clock so a real eye-catcher in the garden. But not only that: in the fall you can put in small pumpkins, for example, or conjure up a little Easter basket in Easter time. There are no limits to your imagination and creativity.

Where to hang the garden clock best?

You can always hang garden clocks on house walls, terrace walls and balconies, on garden sheds, garages and even on trees. It is best to always find a place from which you can see the time at any point in your garden.

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