Western-style garden: tips for implementation

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A little wild west may quietly move into your own garden. Here are our tips on how to create a garden in Western style.

Transform your garden into the Wild West

This styling can be done absolutely easily with a few relatively inexpensive accessories and a few simple steps. So you will surely quickly catch the eyes of neighbors and friends. Here are some tips on how to implement the western style in your garden.

Tips for a western style garden

Tip 1 - Red earth:

Important is first red soil for the flowerbeds, which you can decoratively distribute in the form of red granules and / or plant clay as the top layer on it. An advantage of the granulate or clay is of course in its storage of moisture for the plants, which can be optimally supplied especially in the summer months.

Alternatively, you can also distribute decorative bark mulch in the garden, which is now available in specialist stores in different shades.

Tip 2 - Suitable plants:

In the Wild West, the plant landscape has not always been barren and barren, which is why you can readily plant in your garden next to numerous trees and blooming perennials. Furthermore, all cactuses in clay pots look quite attractive.

Here are some plants that fit very well in a western garden:

  • Lavender, Thistle, Ginkgo,
  • Sequoia, maple, pine,
  • Broom, vinegar, heather in all colors,
  • Grasses, sea buckthorn, summer lilac,
  • Rowanberry, Cypress, Wollziest,
  • Thyme, rosemary, oregano,
  • Dill, shiver grass and strawflowers

Tip 3 - Tanned cowhide:

A redesign of the seating is of course indispensable in Western style, whereby the garden furniture here should of course be generally made of wood. On top of that, you can also choose upholstery with cozy-looking plaid or with a synthetic leather cover.

Furthermore, you should hang at least in the seating area a tanned cowhide. You can then optimize the styling with sheep's wool accessories, which are now being offered quite frequently on the markets.

Tip 4 - Western Accessories:

Not to be missed in this style is a quaint tripod grill on which to roast the most delicious steaks and in the night can still steam a goulash soup.

Furthermore, you can distribute typical Western accessories decoratively in the garden. Suitable are e.g. a discarded saddle, a stake, a pile of firewood and hatchet, a cowboy hat on the wall, etc.

»By the way:

On the Internet you can buy quite a lot of accessories for theme parties. Here you will surely find nice garden decoration for your western garden.

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