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In the middle of October it will be time to winterize the garden. So that you do not forget anything, here is a checklist, which tasks should be done.

In mid-October you should winterize your garden

The days are getting shorter, the nights longer and colder - autumn is here. The plant vegetation in your garden now shuts down on the gentle cycle, which is now also the perfect time to winterize the garden. Now you have to do some important work in the garden to bring your green paradise back to life in full bloom in spring.

So that your plants or your complete garden is well over the winter, we have put together here for you a checklist with the most important tasks that should be done.

Checklist: You have to do these tasks

1. Autumn leaves - the annoying harbinger of winter

"When to collect autumn leaves?

Fall also brings down the foliage from your trees. By collecting the leaves, it is best to wait until the first frost. Then most of the leaves come off and you do not need to swamp the foliage that often. If you need to keep sidewalks free (risk of slipping!), It is best to use the leaf blower.

"Free gutter from foliage:

So that your gutter is not clogged by the foliage, you should clean it regularly. With a simple protective grid system, however, the gutters can be reliably protected from leaf damage right from the start.

"Free grass from foliage:

It is best to clear the lawns from the foliage before the onset of winter using a lawn mower. It's quickest and easy. The lawn must remain free of leaves so that in the spring no brown bald spots remain. You should set the lawnmower to the highest mowing level and pick up the leaves in the grass basket.

It is best to clear lawns off the foliage with a lawnmower

On flowerbeds you may leave the fall foliage quiet. It offers a natural protection against the frost for the plants.

2. Autumn cut - make trees suitable for spring

In October, it is high time for you to start pruning shrubs, fruit trees and other trees. As a result, your plants will have more power for the budding in the spring. In addition, this generally ensures better growth of young shoots.

"Pruning shrubs and trees:

Their job is to remove all dead, sick, and intersecting branches. Cut the branches and shoots near the tree trunk. Even branches that have become too long, you should cut off. These best always cut off directly above a young shoot.

"Cut hedge:

As for the hedges in the garden, you should cut them thinner and smaller. They best start with sick and damaged branches. Then you have to bring the hedge into shape until the desired shape is reached again.

3. Make plants winterproof

Of course you also have to take care of your plants in the bed and the potted plants. After all, not all the flowers, trees and shrubs are hardy.

"Cover beds:

Your beds should now, as already mentioned, best covered with leaves or brushwood. Alternatively, you can also use a garden fleece. But if the leaves fall from the trees anyway and you have to rake them together, then you can also use this sensibly.

Winterizing potted plants:

As far as potted plants are concerned, it is best to bring them indoors and place them in a cool and dark place (for example in the cellar) during the winter.

You have to pack bucket plants thick

Since you certainly can not get all the potted plants indoors, because they are e.g. are too big or too heavy, you have to pack this thick. Proceed as follows:

  1. Wrap the crown of the plant with fleece
  2. To put twigs around the trunk
  3. Wind the knobbed foil around the pot and cover it with a burlap bag
  4. Put the container plant on a polystyrene plate

4. Winterize gardening equipment

"Check and store garden tools:

Garden tools such as e.g. Lawn mower, pond pump, garden hose and Co. should of course not spend the winter outdoors. Best place these in the winter in the garage or in the basement. But first clean thoroughly and possibly even wait.

"Get garden furniture inside:

Of course you should not forget to bring the garden furniture and delicate garden decorations inside. Only then can you enjoy it again next year.

Garden parties in the fall

Even in autumn, there are still mild days where you can fully enjoy the benefits of the golden season in your garden. How about if you give a garden party again? On a covered terrace, where you and your guests are protected from wind and rain, you can for example Enjoy the mild autumn evenings in your circle of friends once again.

Celebrate a Halloween party in the garden


If it gets a bit cooler in the late evening, get warm blankets at Zalando to feel warmth outside as well. Or you sit down at a fire place.

You do not own such a fire place? No problem! For example, without much work, you can build a hearth of burnt clay tiles that you need to embed in a paved area.

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