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While in other countries but now has recognized that the lawn in the garden does more work, as it brings benefits, it is in this country is not quite so far.
A lawn in the garden looks good only if it is properly maintained. The lawn dries too quickly in the summer, is unsightly by ingrown weeds, which is introduced by neighboring plants or pollen, and must be constantly mowed to achieve an aesthetic effect.
In this respect, especially the owners of small gardens are increasingly choosing a garden without turf. There are the different alternatives to the lawn, which can be found. All you have to do is decide how the garden should look like in the future. Then you can find pure relaxation in the garden without lawn. The most important alternatives to the lawn are briefly presented here.
Alternatives to the lawn: The yard
An alternative for the garden without lawn is the yard. He is known from days gone by and did not want to use him for his own home for a long time. However, a yard offers many benefits, so it creates a sense of protection and security and provides privacy to neighbors.
At the same time, the yard can at least temporarily be filled with gravel or split, without being unsightly. Likewise, a paving stone covering can be selected for the yard.
By the way, you can achieve particularly beautiful and esthetic results by running a clinker or natural stone edge, which is applied flush with the floor, around the yard. If you want to provide the courtyard with concrete paving, you will also get a lot of choice in the trade of colored products of this kind.
Alternatives to the lawn: the terraced garden
Variant for small gardens. A correspondingly large terrace becomes the center of the garden. On it, in addition to seating and a barbecue area on the edge often still flowers are placed in planters. So you do not have to completely abandon the natural atmosphere.
Alternatives to the lawn: the cottage garden
The cottage garden has two important areas: the courtyard and the arbor. Both serve as a seat. The rest of the garden is planted with flowers, herbs and vegetables, so that the splendor of color is well preserved.
Particularly hardy perennials have proved their worth in the cottage gardens, which are an ideal and also very romantic alternative to the lawn. In addition, the cottage garden, if hardy and easy-care perennials are selected, associated with very little effort.
Alternatives to the lawn: The meadow in the garden
A garden without lawn is hard to imagine, but as an alternative to the lawn is also a colorful meadow. As a basis can be used here fur cover. In the meadow garden, a large area or a narrow strip is left as a meadow.
Weeds do not have to be plucked, mowing is only occasionally necessary. Thus, the garden without lawn can be implemented with little care. Also offers the meadow strip a beautiful biotope, which offers many insects and Co. the perfect habitat.

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