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In December the garden rests as far as possible. Everything comes to rest. However, there is still a lot to do now. If you like, you can decorate the garden during the Advent season. It does not always have to be the classic Christmas tree. Many ideas for the Christmas garden design can be found in magazines around the garden year. Anyone who cuts some branches of forsythia, ornamental quince or winter jasmine on December 4 will have Christmas blooming twigs as ornaments for his banquet table.

  • On frosty clear days with lots of sunshine, the evergreen trees evaporate a lot of water. The soil is deeply rooted and the roots can not absorb water from the soil. It comes to dry damage to the plant. They are especially common in cold eastern winds. Therefore, it is important to set up or plant evergreen trees protected from wind and winter sun. The alternative is to cover them with a shading net.
  • After such a frost period, as soon as the soil has thawed, pour extensively!
  • Check the cover with brushwood, which still offers sufficient protection.
potted plants
  • In the winter quarter overwintering potted plants regularly check for pests. Especially spider mites and scale insects like to get over the plants.
  • As a precaution, put yellow tablets in the pots!
  • Ventilate extensively on frost-free days!
  • If necessary, pour gently. Always check with your finger, if the soil is well dried. Only then pour! Many plants do not survive hibernation because they are drowned.
  • Rule of thumb: The cooler plants overwinter, the less water they need. And the darker the plants are, the less water is consumed.
  • Protect potted plants outdoors from the sun and check that the protection is still intact.
  • Always water potted plants outside in frost-free weather. Excess water must be able to drain off.
  • Do not step on the grass in frost! The blades of grass break off because the water freezes in them.
garden pond
  • When snow is on the ice, sweep gently! It should penetrate light through the ice cover!
vegetable garden
  • Kale and leeks can be harvested.
  • Protect lamb's lettuce, spinach and onions with fleece from frost!
  • The first chicory sprouts are ready for harvest.
  • Check stored vegetables.
  • Herbs standing in the pot outdoor water!
  • Ventilate winter quarters!
  • By the end of the year, all autumn raspberries will be cut close to the ground.
  • If necessary, clear fruit trees.
  • In December it is still possible to harvest, e.g. Corn salad, Swiss chard, spinach, ravel or herbs.
  • Pour now and then, but only finger test!
  • Prevent waterlogging.
  • Ventilate in frost-free weather!
  • Heat at night and in frost!
  • In windy locations apply bubble wrap in the greenhouse to protect against heat loss.
  • Contaminate plants for pests!
In December there is not much to do in the garden. You check whether snow has to be removed, whether the potted plants are still well protected outside, that they are free from pests and not too wet and not too dry, that the stored fruit is not spoiled and that everything is generally in order. However, already the new garden year can be planned, any structural changes, new plants, new garden furniture or accessories. So you have something to look forward to.

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