Drop the gardener from the tax - is that possible?

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A gardener of his own, who brings up hedge and lawn, is too expensive for you? If you do it right, you can deduct these costs from the tax.

Drop the gardener from the tax - is that possible?

Anyone who can sit back and relax in their own home after work and on the weekend has fulfilled their dream. After all, the little house with a garden - preferably in the countryside - is still at the top of the wish list for many families. And so savings are made over the years, a loan is taken for the construction field and a lot of time is spent on designing your own home.

If the homeowner has been able to purchase a larger piece of land for the home, the creation of a garden with lots of greenery, flowers and shady trees is an obvious step. Before you can really feel comfortable in your own park, a lot of time passes again. And at least as much effort must be invested in the preservation of personal green space. Already with the first rays of sunshine in the spring the work begins in the garden.

Put new flower bulbs, remove last year's withered greenery, pruning trees and the first grass clippings - gardening takes a lot of time. Anyone who has to take care of the education of their children next to their job quickly faces a real obstacle. Theoretically, the garden owner could hand over the work to a landscape management company - ie a gardener. But: these costs shy away from many households. There is the possibility in tax law to involve the treasury in garden maintenance. What are the regulations in detail? And what conditions does the garden have to fulfill?

Requirements for tax assessment

Basically, the gardener falls into the field of craftsmanship. According to § 35a Abs. 3 EStG (Income Tax Act) these may be claimed as tax deductible in the income tax return. However, not unlimited - and only if certain conditions are met.

For example, the legislator provides, via the Income Tax Act, that the expenses are neither:

  • Operating expenses still
  • Advertising costs

may be. Thus, the approach of a gardener as an artisan service in the tax return for rented real estate, the deduction is only in the context of self-employment in question. Especially freelancers and self-employed people who have set up an office in their own home need to be particularly careful. For rented property, the gardener may be subject to advertising costs.

In addition, the principle applies that only:

  • renovation
  • Conservation and
  • modernization

have a tax-reducing effect. If you let the landscape gardener reinvent the garden, you have to bear the costs yourself. But the fact is also a flowing course of the border. For example, the construction of a retaining wall in the existing garden can meet the above-mentioned circumstances - which would make the costs deductible.

➤ return coal - only with invoice

An important aspect concerns the invoicing or the payment method. Taxpayers have to be aware, according to steuererklaerung-2014.org, that only duly filed craft invoices are recognized by the tax authorities - if these are paid by bank transfer. Anyone who hires a gardener should point out this fact in advance.

Since only labor and labor costs or the use of machinery can be taken into account, whereas material costs have no influence on the tax deduction, the invoice must be designed accordingly.

Deduct horticultural costs - how much is allowed?

Settle gardeners' costs for tax purposes

That the account of landscape gardener can be deducted from the tax is certainly a positive message. Unfortunately, the legislature does not permit unlimited tax deduction in the framework of the EStG. Rather, the artisan services under § 35a EStG are subject to strict regulations with regard to the maximum limits.

Who presents his tax office an annual statement in the amount of 10,000 euros, unfortunately has bad luck. Only amounts up to a maximum of 6,000 euros are assessed as the assessment basis. Tax deductible effect of 20 percent - ie 1,200 euros. But: The craftsmanship can be combined according to finanztip.de with the deduction of other budgetary expenses.

For example, Paragraph 1 of Paragraph 35a of the EStG provides for the deduction of costs arising from household employment. Condition is an embodiment as a minor employment. Here, a maximum deduction of 20 percent of the effort - up to a maximum of 510 euros - conceivable. Thus, costs of up to 2,550 euros could be additionally accommodated in the income tax return.

What else is there to consider?

A beautiful garden requires a lot of work

Who wants to deduct the work of the gardener from the tax, must ensure that the correct bills are provided and these are not simply paid in cash.

Are there any other obstacles and obstacles that lead to unpleasant surprises? Questions and delays in processing tax returns are often caused by errors in completing the forms.

➤ Small tax trick

It is not a mistake to rely on the support of appropriate software. If the forms are still filled out by hand, the totals of the individual invoices must be added together with the value added tax entered.

If the maximum limit of € 1,200 is already exhausted for a year, affected households can take advantage of a principle of tax offices. It is not the date of the invoice decisive. Whether or not the gardener's bill will affect income tax until next year depends only on the time of payment. Against this background, invoices that are due for the garden maintenance towards the end of the year can be postponed until next year.

A well-kept garden is an oasis in the summer, in which only too gladly withdrawn. However, it sometimes takes years for the green surrounding the home to be ideal. And even then the garden needs care. Those who have these activities carried out by a specialized firm must, to be sure, dig deeper, but the legislature grants these households a deduction of the income tax in the form of income tax.

With 20 percent - based on the tax base of 6,000 euros - the deduction is not necessarily lush. Nevertheless, the gardener can help reduce the tax burden. And he also provides in this way for rich green around your own four walls.

However, every homeowner who wants to conjure this "joker" out of his sleeve, must pursue a clear line on the questions of a settlement with or without invoice. Tax Offices recognize the craftsmanship only if this is present - and has been transferred.

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