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The month of April is the time of the fruit tree blossom. Everywhere you can see the delicate flowers. But also wood anemones conquer the nature. Fresh green sprouts everywhere. Now nature is awakening with all its strength. There is a lot to do in the garden.

  • Time for fertilization.
  • Most nutrients require shrubs that are cut regularly (hedges).
  • Even evergreen trees need a lot of food.
  • Remove weeds!
  • Apply mulch cover!
  • Crop protection - fight pear grid and Monilia (lace drought)!
  • Check rhododendrons for the presence of weevil infestation and, if necessary, initiate countermeasures!
  • Apply plant tonic!
  • Time for the first fertilization
  • Cuttings propagated roses can now be planted out.
  • Best time for new plants.
  • Important is a good soil preparation!
  • Good watering for the first weeks!
  • Fertilize older perennials (complete fertilizer).
Onion and tuber plants
  • Let tulips and daffodils bloom
  • Remove flower stalks so that no power is lost for seed formation.
  • Allow leaves to dry, do not cut them off!
summer flowers
  • Time for outdoor sowing - Sommeraster, cornflower, lupine, miracle flower, poppy and many others.
potted plants
  • The tubs and jars can now go outside, but first in the shade.
  • Remove wilted plant parts
  • Transfer two to three years old plants to a larger vessel
  • Lightly fertilize all unrepotted potted plants (organic liquid fertilizer)
  • If necessary, cut back some plants.
  • Who has not yet scarified, should do this now!
  • Mow lawns weekly! Same cutting length.
  • Remove weeds!
  • Lawn edges sting!
  • Now is the best time to rebuild or repair turf.
garden pond
  • Fish pond regularly!
  • From 12° C water temperature, the fish are fed again, but initially sparing.
  • At 12 to 15° C water temperature, also in the house overwintered fish back into the pond.
vegetable garden
  • Many vegetables can now be sown directly, right into the open air, e.g. Spinach, radish, carrots, radishes, salsify, sugar peas, onions, garlic and much more.
  • Separate seedlings of march seed!
  • Cucumber, zucchini, pumpkins and sweetcorn can be brought forward in the greenhouse or on the warm windowsill.
  • Early varieties such as cauliflower, cabbage and kohlrabi can after curing in the bed.
  • Also leeks, garlic and onions can go outside.
  • Put root cuttings of horseradish and asparagus.
  • Pulled tubers of potatoes can into the bed.
  • Keep the beds weed-free!
  • Parsley, chives, dill, savory, coriander, marigold, tarragon, oregano and lemon balm can be sown directly in the field.
  • Cover with possible late frosts with fleece!
  • In the previous month in the house hardened herbs harden and then plant out.
  • Rejuvenate perennial herbs, preferably by division.
  • In the house wintered herbs can go back outside. Possibly repot.
  • Mulching tree grates!
  • Plant raspberries, planting distance at least 50 cm.
  • Planting table grapes, preferably root-bare grafting!
  • Cover strawberries with late frost with fleece. Remove old straw from the previous year, because it hibernates gray horse in it.
  • First salads can be harvested.
  • Do not forget to forget about casting on sunny days, but never too much! Pour it best in the morning, then the plants can dry well.
  • Ventilate regularly!
  • Preventively hang up the yellow boards!
  • Good time to cut and plant cuttings from potted plants. Well root these in the propagation bed.
April is busy. It is sown, but can already be harvested, at least in the greenhouse. There is also a lot to do at the pond. The lawn requires a lot of attention in April. Now you have to mow, scarify and fertilize. The wintered potted plants need care and can slowly get used to the outdoors again. You have to be careful with late frosts, which can cause great damage.

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