Gardening tips for seniors - so you enjoy gardening for a long time

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There's a bang, this is it - especially when there's a lot of time for gardening in old age, it's often difficult for them to do that. But not if you follow our tips.

Use the right tools

If you are working, there is often time only on weekends to do one or the other work in the garden. Of course, that's why many are looking forward to the time when they can finally be home every day and dedicate themselves to their garden. But once that time has come, most people realize that gardening is not so easy anymore.

For this reason, we have put together some tips that can make working in the fresh air much easier.

6 tips for more enjoyment of gardening

➤ Tip 1 - Using the right tools:

Use implements that can largely prevent bending over or stretching. These include gripping tools, e.g. for picking fruit on the fruit trees, or Harken with telescopic handle, etc. Pay attention when purchasing gardening equipment on their weight, on ergonomic handrails and the like.

Also, the particular tool used should be consistently in a very good condition, making the work is usually easier from the hand. Keep the implements as close as possible to the garden beds, e.g. in small equipment boxes, to avoid long distances with sometimes heavy equipment.

➤ Tip 2 - Create a raised bed:

Buy a raised bed and create a fresh vegetable garden there. Raised beds can be worked much more conveniently. (Reading tip: build a raised bed in 7 steps)

➤ Tip 3 - Create seating:

Create yourself in the garden several comfortable seats, where you can also take a break during work quickly. In addition, use mobile seating for gardening, which you can always set up in the immediate vicinity of the surfaces to be worked, such as small garden stools to weed.

➤ Tip 4 - select the right plants:

Plant in the garden mainly perennials, which usually do less work. Furthermore, you should only use hardy plants in our latitudes. This saves you from having to carry heavy buckets in frost-free interiors in the winter, to carry out laborious coverings on the plants and also to plant rhizomes.

In addition, create generous lawns in the garden as they are usually much easier to work with. Also exchange deciduous trees for coniferous trees, as this saves the often laborious leaf raking in autumn.

➤ Tip 5 - Wear gardening gloves:

Always wear gardening gloves while gardening, as this protects your hands from being cut. Finally, infections caused by dirt can be life threatening, especially in old age.

➤ Tip 6 - ask for help:

If you are not optimally in between, you should ask relatives, friends or neighbors to take over short gardening for you at short notice. For longer-term failures, however, you should commission a professional gardening company with the completion of gardening. There you should always ask for any existing seniority discounts!

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