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Spring is the time when the tools get used again. In early spring, it is worthwhile to switch on electrical appliances and the devices with gasoline engine to the sample, and to check whether they have weathered the winter well. It is still time to make any necessary repairs. Even otherwise, many questions arise, especially among beginners. When to put plants in the field? When to mow the lawn for the first time? When can potted plants finally reach their designated places? Many questions that are really justified in the beginning. We would like to give an answer to all these questions, to share our experiences.
Here you will find short helpful gardening tips for the spring of A-Z. Find more gardening tips in the seasons categories or simply search for gardening tips using the search function.
Spring is the busiest time in the garden year. There is much to do. The compost must be converted, the soil must be loosened and weed-free, woody plants must be blended, new plantings must be made, older plants need to be replanted, the soil must be fertilized or mulched, the grass must be ventilated and moss removed, one has work without end.
The best way to make a plan, what must be done so that you do not forget anything. Over the years, the work becomes routine and you no longer need a plan. But for beginners it is ideal, so nothing remains undone.
Spring is not just the time when most of the work has to be done, but also where you can see and observe the changes in flora and fauna most clearly.

Gardening tips in spring: time

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Gardening tips in spring: time

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Gardening tips in spring: tips

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Gardening tips in spring: tips

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