Gardens for allergy sufferers

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Gardens for allergy sufferers

"Gardens for Allergy" gives tips on pollen-free gardening

Even if you react to pollen with watery eyes and dripping nose, that's no reason to give up the gardening hobby!
The booklet "Gardens for Allergy sufferers" on 28 pages contains many tips on how to escape the trigger and shows how garden-loving pollen allergy sufferers in the garden design and gardening can cause less stress. As a result, hardly any pollen gets into the air in insect-pollinated flowers. Filled variants produce no pollen, hedges or wood elements catch him. An overview helps people with hay fever in choosing suitable plants for the garden.
The brochure is available for 6 € (including shipping) from the aid info service e.V., Heilsbachstr. 16, 53123 Bonn.

Video Board: Smart Gardening Tips for Allergy Sufferers.

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