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When dividing a garden into different areas, some principles must be observed. In addition, it does not hurt to combine useful and ornamental plants.

Ornamental and commercial garden part are usually separated from each other. But that is not a must - rule. Fruit trees do not belong in the vegetable garden, but must stand so far away that they do not cause any shadows. Berry bushes can grow on the edge of the vegetable garden. Perennial herbs get an extra bed, one-year-old herbs grow between the vegetable rows. One-year-old summer flowers, which are allowed to blossom on the edge and in the middle of the vegetable patch, together with flowering herbs transform the rather sober image of rectangular vegetable beds into an attractive garden part. Tagetes and nasturtium, for example, improve the soil at the same time, lupins supply it with nitrogen.
The design of the beds usually looks like this: From a main path of at least 50 cm wide, there are 1.20 m wide beds at right angles, separated by 30 cm wide footpaths. The bed length can be chosen individually. the dimensions mentioned are tried and tested, but by no means binding. Depending on the body size, the bed width can be varied for comfortable work. For best sun exposure, the bedsheets should be as close as possible North-south run. The elongated flower bed allows sowing in rows; this makes soil cultivation much easier. However, nothing prevents them from venturing into new forms and changing the beds, even if the workmanship is less practical. The imitation of old monastery gardens with a stressed center is most likely imitated, most decorative, for example, with a tall maidenshade in the center. Circular beds offer other design options. A community of dedicated garden freaks swears that planting and planting in a circle promotes plant growth. An alternative, at first glance, unusual arrangement of the bed area is the intensive row mixed culture. To the left and right of the broad middle ground a large bed area is created. Trittpfade omitted, so that more space remains for the acreage.
For processing and harvesting must be entered the beds. The vegetable rows are laid out over the entire length of the area at a distance of 40 cm. Between the rows one puts out boards or protects the ground by a mulch cover before compression on entering. Each row is occupied according to the rules of mixed culture with another type of vegetable.

Video Board: Dividing Peonies with Adelman Peony Gardens.

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