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When designing your own garden is a little Abgucken quite permissible - and if you do not find the right idea at regional garden tours such as the "open garden gate", should include in the holiday simply visiting one or the other famous garden in his program. The famous role models are still real tourist magnets, because the responsible garden architects at that time made a lot of things right in terms of design or even founded new garden styles with their works. And no plot is so small that one or the other design idea can not be miniaturized and adapted to the local conditions. Here, we have used four well-known gardens from Spain, Scotland, France and Germany as models for you, and incorporated the respective design theme into our idea for a typical home garden format.

Garden of the Alhambra in Granada / Spain

As in the Middle Ages, the Moors ruled in Andalusia, they set up in their palace gardens garden courtyards, which should be a reflection of the heavenly paradise. Even today you can feel the special flair of these gardens when visiting the Alhambra in Granada and the adjoining summer palace Generalife.
Our drawing shows that even in the small row house garden the magic of Moorish paradises can be realized. As in the historical model, in the middle of the approximately 50 square meter garden is a shallow pool of water, in which small fountains gush.

Garden design Alhambra Granada

The central, oblong water basin and the ocher tiled floor are typical Moorish elements

Terracotta-colored concrete slabs surround the water basin. In the two 1.5 and 2 meter wide marginal beds grows a mix of flowering shrubs, perennials and summer flowers. In the left bed, the shrub (Philadelphus) and the dwarf fragrant lilac (Syringa meyeri 'Palibin') form a small group. In the right bed, a red garden marshmallow (Hibiscus syriacus) grows. Flaming flower, daylily, mallow and maiden eye flower with marigolds, jewelry baskets and verbena. Red geranium pots that are on the edge of the path must not be missing either.
Along the property boundary, a half-height cut yew hedge and a climbing frame with climbing roses provide privacy. At the end of the garden, a pergola with wisteria leaves the property.

House of Pitmuies in Angus / Scotland

Located on the east coast, the garden of the House of Pitmuies is one of the most beautiful private Scottish gardens. Although the size of the entire garden exceeds that of most German gardens, you can take home a lot of suggestions with a visit.

Garden of the House of Pitmuies - Scotland

The Scottish House of Pitmuies Gardens are among the best-known rose gardens on the British Isle

The pictured, approximately 360 square meter garden is modeled after the Scottish rose garden. A cut evergreen yew hedge is an appealing frame. From the terrace, the first thing you notice is the round water lily pond in the middle of the lawn. A small stone putty adorns the pond center. A bed of large daylilies and lady's mantle and cranesbill surround the pelvis.

Garden according to Scottish model

Our inspiration, modeled on the House of Pitmuies Gardens, is very floriferous even in its small format

In the lateral beds pink roses and blue larkspur set the tone. Sage, cranesbill and lady's mantle complete the planting. Part of the Beetrands is bordered with lavender.
In the back of the garden, the beds divide the lawn into two different areas. The passage is accented by two pink rose tree trunks. A pavilion, which is conquered by rambler roses, invites you to linger. Two red-thorns (Crataegus laevigata 'Paul's Scarlet') emphasize the rear garden area, which is planted with funerias and ferns in the shady outskirts.

Castle Villandry near Tours / France

If you want to create a vegetable garden at home, but not only healthy vitamins, but also on attractive beds sets value, can be inspired by the castle garden of Villandry. The French garden is considered the most famous kitchen garden in the world. In keeping with the castle's architecture, it was built in the Renaissance style at the beginning of the 20th century. Surrounded by low box hedges, salads and vegetables are ornamental and useful plants in one. Bright gravel paths run between the flower beds.

Garden Castle Villandry

The garden of Villandry Castle houses several kilometers of cut flower beds

As in the historical model, our design proposal emphasizes the middle of the vegetable garden, here by a red blooming rose stem. But even a stone column with a vase or a figure would be a suitable jewelry. One side of the vegetable garden is bordered by low apple trellises. They are pulled on tension wires, are typical of French kitchen gardens and promise crisp fruit, even if there is little space.On the other side, a low wooden fence separates the vegetable garden from adjacent hedges.

The garden in the French style

A formal vegetable garden in the style of Villandry Castle

Barkenhoff in Worpswede / Germany

At the end of the 19th century, the painter Heinrich Vogeler transformed an old farmhouse and adjoining vegetable land into a pretty residential building with a garden. The Barkenhoff became the center of the North German artists' colony Worpswede. Typical of the Art Nouveau garden are the geometric shapes of the beds and shrubs. Nevertheless, the property radiates romantic flair.

Barkenhoff Worpswede

Barkenhoff garden with outside staircase and Barkenhoff facade

This garden style creates the right ambience for a detached house in country style with lattice windows and shutters. From the higher house and the terrace a wide staircase leads to the garden. The white plastered stair cheeks run out in the bed with an elegant sweep. The slope beds are planted with evergreen trees, flowering shrubs, perennials and roses.

Barkenhoff Worpswede

Round, set with Formgehölzen island beds are typical Art Nouveau elements

Striking eye-catchers are the differently sized Irish column juniper (Juniperus communis 'Hibernica'). In contrast to this are the large bookballs and the two privet ballpoint crowns. The lawn is adorned with a small boxwood enclosure with shrubs and summer flowers.

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