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Since November 10, 2016, the December issue of garden fun is on the kiosk. This time you will read with which attractive colors and fascinating structures the barks of many trees and shrubs provide a change in garden and nature. If it gets more and more bare in the garden in the winter, you can appreciate the qualities of the scented blossom as an evergreen plant. And at the height of flowering, the bush surprises us with a delicious fragrance. In the current issue you will find a detailed plant portrait and many tips about the care of the pretty shrub.

In order for herbs and shrubs growing in containers to withstand the frost as easily as their colleagues in the bed, they should be packaged well. Here's how potted herbs are best wintered. Long-lasting flowers with little care is typical of Phalaenopsis orchids. Even the repotting succeeds easily - if the substrate is right. These and many more topics can be found in the December issue of Garden Fun.

Leseprobe: Beautiful tree bark

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Reading sample of scented blossom

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Leseprobe potherbs overwinter

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Sample repot orchids

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