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Garlic is available in every supermarket, but you can also grow it in your own garden. How to do that and what important aspects to note, read here.

Growing garlic is easy

Some love him, others hate him. Garlic! Everyone knows that he is healthy, but garlic can do more. Distributed in the garden, on the one hand, it can counteract fungal spores, which can frolic in the ground and be dangerous to other plants, on the other hand, it is also a remedy against voles.

But first and foremost, of course, garlic should not be missing in any good kitchen. Knowing that he still comes from his own garden makes him even more delicious. To ensure that nothing goes wrong when planting, you should know that garlic has its own special needs.

Planting garlic - you should know that

Garlic is an easy-care leek and relatively easy to grow. You can put it in the bed or on the balcony or window sill in pots.

The right location

Very important for the growth of the plant is the right location. Garlic prefers sunny, but it must not be too moist. He has no problems with the cold in winter. If you still want to protect it in freezing temperatures, you can cover the bed with straw or mulch.

The right time

The special thing about garlic is that it has two different planting times. You can plant it in autumn, but also in spring. The best autumn in the time of September and October has proven to be, because the plants here are significantly larger and stronger. But you can use it only in the spring, but then have to expect that the plants are smaller. If you decide to spring, you should start breeding in February.

No matter when you put the garlic in the ground, they are ready for harvest at the same time.

The right earth

How garlic develops depends not only on the time, but also on the particular soil. And here garlic likes it very nutritious and easy. Who pulls his garlic on the windowsill or on the balcony and accordingly in pots, should take care that no waterlogging arises. The plant does not like that at all. To avoid this, you can put a little gravel or small stones in the bottom of the pot, so that the water can drain properly.

Harvesting garlic - That's how it's done

When can you harvest garlic?

Garlic has different opinions about the right time to harvest.

Some say that after a year you can harvest single, big fresh garlic cloves. But you should also know that the size of the harvested toes also depends very much on the initial toe.

Many hobby gardeners even leave the garlic for two years and harvest it only then. On the one hand the tubers are as big as they are known from the supermarket and on the other hand the taste is much more intense. The two-year standing is no problem for the garlic, so you do not have to worry about your plants even in winter. After two years, the garlic should then be harvested.

How to harvest

If you have found the right time for yourself, it is no longer rocket science to harvest the garlic.

When the leafy green has withered, you can loosen up the soil around the garlic a bit and then gently pull the garlic out of the green stalk. That's it. Now you can use it for seasoning or conjure other delicious things out of it.

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