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There are several ways to plant garlic: you can put the summer bulbs in the bed or - even easier - break out of a purchased garlic bulb a few toes and put them in the fall in the prepared bed. Garlic is now perfectly suited for the end of the season as a so-called after-culture for a previously harvested vegetable patch. Important is only a sunny, warm place in the vegetable garden. The ideal time to put garlic in the ground, although the months of September and October, but in milder weather, this is still possible in November - garlic is amazingly cold-resistant.

To speed up the growth in the garden bed, you can prop the toes on moist kitchen paper in a bright environment when warm in the room before heating. If you want to accelerate the growth at late planting, cover the freshly ordered bedding with a light fleece for three to four weeks. From each inserted toe develops about five times the volume of garlic cloves until next spring. The best yields provide the outer, thick toes.

Step by step: stick the garlic properly

Raking the bed

Set planting line

First prepare the ground (left) and tension a planting line (right)

For example, put your garlic in a harvested potato or bean bed. The bed is first cleared of the weeds and loosened with the sow tooth. Then fertilize the soil with about two liters of compost per square meter and rake it well. A planting line ensures that the garlic row becomes straight later.

Peel garlic cloves

Put the cloves of garlic in the bed

Remove garlic clove (left) and put it in the bed (right)

Separate the daughter bulbs, the so-called toes, from the central bulbs as seedlings. The toes are placed at a distance of 15 centimeters approximately three centimeters deep into the prepared bed. Depending on the weather, the garlic is usually ready for harvest from the end of April.

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