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If you do not want to see the same plants in the garden every year, you should look for annuals here and there. Such as. on the gazany.

Plant gazany

Since the Gazanie comes from the sunny South Africa, she also wants a location in this country with a lot of sun. If you want the so-called midday gold to thrive on your own balcony, you should make sure you have the appropriate planting and site conditions and follow all the instructions below. We tell you in detail what it is essential to consider when planting the Gazanie on the home balcony, the terrace and in the garden.

You should know from the beginning that most specialty gazania are annuals. They bloom from about June and with proper care until autumn. Then it is already over with the Gazania and the perennial flowers must be planted next year as bedding, bucket or balcony planting on a new. By the way, in a lovingly prepared rock garden, the gazany comes out very well.

Where does Gazanie thrive best?

A full sunshine location contributes optimally to the magnificent prosperity of midday gold. Because sun gets the plant a lot in their home country, so it is quite a real sun worshiper. The hotter the location, the better. A full sun is important even for several reasons. For one, it is essential for the prosperity of the Gazanie. On the other hand, the Gazania only open their flowers if they find sufficiently sunny conditions at their respective location. Planting the midday gold in a partially shaded, less sunny spot will not do you any good. Because then the Gazanie is not very nice to look at.

What demands does the gazany make of the substrate?

The midday gold grows particularly well when it comes to a soil with a good drainage. You can also assist artificially, such as with potsherds that you put in the planting hole in the bed. A soil with the following characteristics is also ideal, so that the Gazania can form as many leaves as possible and plenty of flowers:

  • a lean, rather barren ground
  • a sandy to loamy soil
  • a permeable soil, so that it can not come to waterlogging

When digging from the planting hole, which usually consists of regular garden soil, it is ideal if you mix it with sand. A mixture of sand and unit earth is also recommended in Gazanie as bucket or balcony plant. After all, this mixture contributes to the best possible drainage.

While the water requirement of the plant is medium high, a neutral to slightly acidic soil is preferred by the Gazanie. In case of uncertainties, it is advisable to check the pH value of the soil accordingly (test the pH value in the soil).

Differences between nutrient-poor and fatty soils

While many plants love a particularly nutrient-rich soil, this is not the case with the Gazanie. Because on a low-acid, rather barren soil, the plant flowers all the richer. On the other hand, a too-rich soil is not in the interests of most hobby gardeners. Because then the midday gold tends rather than the formation of many pretty, golden shining flowers to form numerous leaves. Although this does not hurt the plant very much, it is not as visually attractive as a rich, rich inflorescence.

By the way, you can recognize a rich soil by its high proportion of humus. Soils, which are interspersed with a lot of rotten leaves and plenty of dead plant components, are considered as fat. A fat floor can also be fixed by the fact that it is not only quite dark, but also very crumbly. This makes it easy to check the local soil condition.

With which planting partners is the Gazanie particularly well?

If you do not want to plant a gazany as a solitary in a bucket, but in the middle of a colorful flower bed or radiant balcony box, you can combine the midday gold very well with the following plants:

  • Männertreu
  • pelargoniums
  • Yellow sunshine
  • Zauberglockchen
  • Hussars knobs
  • Busy Lizzie
  • Lantana

When is the best planting time for the Gazanie?

The Gazanie should only be planted in the open air when it is guaranteed that no frost is to be expected. Because the slightest hint of frost at night will kill the plant. For this reason, you should first wait for the iguanas before you plant the Gazanie outdoors. This is the case around mid-May.

This is how you plant Gazania properly

Anyone who follows the preceding instructions in detail can not go far wrong in planting the Gazanie. Nevertheless, we would like to give all hobby gardeners a few more useful tips along the way.You should pay attention to the following information, so that the Gazanie grows quickly and easily at its new location and visually appealing can thrive:

  1. First of all, you have to loosen up the soil by dug it up.
  2. Then add a lot of gravel or sand to the earth.
  3. Place a drainage layer at least ten centimeters high on wet floors.
  4. Plant Gazanie on a wet soil just above ground level.
  5. The planting hole should have twice the pot size of Gazanie.
  6. Insert young plant and add sand enriched soil into the planting hole.
  7. Press the soil lightly and pour the gazany in its new location.

It is best to plant the gazany on all sides at a distance of 15 centimeters. In the bed or in the bucket or in the balcony box, this distance must be maintained equally.

Video Board: how to grow gazania from seeds / budgie passion.

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