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Geranium - Pelargonium

Until the late 18th century, the Pelargonium were counted to the genus "Geranium". This name has remained until today. By contrast, geraniums are hardy garden perennials, while pelargoniums are perennial but not frost resistant.

Irrigation Tips for Balcony Geraniums (Pelargonium)

A very important aspect in the care of the balcony geranium is the correct irrigation. Also, or just because pelargoniums get along well with blazing sun, they must be regularly watered accordingly. Actually, they can save water in their thick stems. Nevertheless, they need plenty of fluid for rapid, healthy growth. If the plants get too little water, then this is at the expense of their flowering ability. In other words, they then become lazy.
Especially in midsummer they must not dry out completely. Then it may even be necessary to water in the morning and in the evening. At the same time, they are not allowed to stand in the water. That said, waterlogging should definitely be avoided. Ideal is a constantly slightly moist earth. Should it nevertheless happen that the earth is once completely dried up, then the first aid measure is called: The pot is submerged into the water until no more air bubbles rise.

When casting, find the right size

Geraniums should always be poured wisely. Because they need plenty of water, but also tolerate no waterlogging. While too little watering causes growth or flowering problems, too much watering could cause disease or geranium starts to rot. The balcony geranium should also be fertilized every two to three weeks - unless long-term fertilizer has been introduced into the soil during planting. So the nutritional needs of the Pelargonium can be sufficiently covered. Both special geranium fertilizers and normal liquid fertilizer for flowering plants can be used.

Always pour from below

Even if rainy leaves can not really be prevented, unless the geraniums are under cover, the water should always be poured from below into the soil. A large-scale casting - perhaps even over the leaves - should be avoided at all costs. This can have dire consequences, such as bacterial wilt. If the window boxes with geraniums on a balcony facing south, then a two-time watering is recommended: best in the morning before the sun shines on it and in the evening just before the sun goes down again.

Better to look twice

If brown leaves are visible on the leaves, this may be an indication of wrong watering. In this way, however, can also make a pest infestation of geraniums noticeable. Especially if the plants grow in window boxes, they can dehydrate quickly in case of irregular irrigation. A quick change between too wet and too dry can cause such brown and partly reddish rings on the leaf outer edges.

Important is a good drainage

The geraniums usually do not mind if they are not watered enough. To prevent permanent waterlogging, a good drainage is important. Flower boxes and tubs must have holes in the floor. For a good water drain coasters can sometimes be out of place, because the water can not escape properly and the plants then still have wet feet.

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