Geraniums overwinter - 4 possibilities presented

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Geraniums not only beautify the terrace and balcony. Since they are perennial, they can also hibernate and plant again next year. You have 4 options.


A terrace or a balcony without geraniums is like a zoo without animals. Geraniums are one of the most popular balcony and terrace plants in this country. Not only because they are beautiful to look at, but because they are perennial plants, which are great for the winter and allow them to be planted outdoors again next year. And that in turn saves the cost of a new acquisition. Alternatively, you can also buy winter-like geraniums right from the start.

To hibernate geraniums, there are various possibilities, with each hobby gardener has his own preferences. It always depends on how much space you have available. The following methods should always work.

Drizzle geraniums for the winter

The first frosts should actually not harm the geraniums. There is no hurry when the winter approaches. If you think that the right time for the wintering of the plants has come, then solve them with a small shovel from the flower boxes and then remove the loose soil from the root ball. Please be very careful, because as many fine roots as possible should be preserved.

After tamping you must then cut all shoots with a pruner, to a length of about 10 cm. It is sufficient if there are two or three thick nodes on each side shoot. The geranium will drive it out again next year. It is best to remove most of the leaves on this occasion, so that they are less prone to pests and diseases in winter quarters. Reading tip: Check geranium for pests.

A little hint:

In principle, you can also bring the complete flower boxes to the winter quarters. This is recommended if you have enough space for it and not other plants are in the flower boxes, which must be disposed of anyway. This wintering method is especially good for geranium trees.

Opportunities for hibernation of geraniums

❖ Option 1 - to overwinter geraniums in flower pots:

Most hobby gardeners put the potted geraniums in flower pots over the winter. To do this, loosely bundle three or four plants. Then cover the roots of the geraniums loosely with potting soil that you have previously enriched with some sand.

In winter quarters it should be as bright as possible and between five and ten degrees cold. If it is darker in winter quarters, the temperature must be correspondingly lower. If the geraniums are kept too dark and too warm, it will cause premature sprouting with tiny leaves and weak, long shoots. Incidentally, always keep the soil slightly moist during winter rest. If you pay attention, you can plant geraniums in fresh spring in balcony boxes next spring.

❖ Opportunity 2 - overwinter rootless geraniums without pot:

You do not have to bring the potted geraniums into the ground during the winter. After removing it from the balcony box, you can also store it rootless in the cool and dark cellar. In addition, the plants must be completely dry in any case, so that it does not come to rot.

Simply wrap the plants in several layers of newspaper and then store the bunches at a temperature of between two and ten degrees in the basement. If it is warmer in the basement, you can also store the geraniums in a shed or in the garage.

❖ Option 3 - Wintering in the ground hole:

Another way to hibernate geraniums is to dig in soil. However, it is important that you live in a region with mild winters, when temperatures do not drop below minus two degrees.

In the garden, pick up a swath with a depth of about 80 cm. Then fill with twigs, straw or branches and then put on the defoliated and freed from Geranium geraniums. After covering them with a mat of straw or coconut, then place the dug earth over it again.

❖ Option 4 - Winter storage in the plastic bag:

What sounds odd at first is a method used by many plant lovers. The boiled and trimmed geraniums are wrapped in plastic bags to prevent moisture from being lost. Only to the roots allowed to get a little air. However, the plants should never dry out.

You can then hang the plants upside down in a dark, cool and frost-protected place. So you save yourself the care in winter quarters completely.However, it must not be too warm, otherwise the geraniums will not only sprout, but would also go down due to lack of water.

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