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The plant of the daisy family (Asteraceae) bears the same name in Latin and German. The discoverer Jan Frederik Gronovius named the genus after his German counterpart Traugott Gerber. Since they are not hardy in the field, with the exception of some new varieties, such as the Gerbera Garvinea, Gerbera can only stand outside for several years in the Mediterranean climate. Of the 45 different species, there are some that can be cultivated as a potted plant.

Location and care

Gerbera flower peach coloring

There are also filled gerbera varieties, e.g. the variety "Brigadoon Red"

The gerbera in the pot needs a very bright location, like full morning or evening sun, at around 20 degrees Celsius. For wintering, a moderately warm place between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius is sufficient. As the gerbera grows well as a houseplant when it feels good, it should be repotted after hibernation in the spring. A loose, fertile substrate with sand content is particularly suitable for this. It is more common in autumn or early spring by seed, in the summer by cuttings or in late winter by root division of older plants. The seeds quickly lose their germination capacity, so do not store too long.

Gerbera vegetable decoration

Gerbera spread with their showy, richly colored flower heads all year as a houseplant summer mood

In general, the gerbera in the pot is like moist, but should not form any waterlogging. Therefore, pour more in the summer than in the winter and spray occasionally to ensure a sufficiently high humidity. Pour around the plant and not over the middle. During the main flowering period from April to September, provide every day with little liquid fertilizer. Remove blown parts regularly.

If the stand is too wet, the gerbera pillar threatens

The typical disease of gerbera is the so-called gerbera stalk, which arises mainly in waterlogging and over-fertilization. Here, the plant begins to rot and the leaves turn unhealthy, mostly gray-brown or pale green. In a case of rot, the plant can only be disposed of.

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