Germination test - worth the sowing at all?

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If you do a germination test, then you know if sowing is worthwhile

Many gardeners collect seeds from plants in the garden and pick them up. If you do a germination test, you can see if sowing next year is worth it.

Collect or buy seeds
Many are collecting the seeds to re-raise them next year to provide for their own offspring. But also the famous seed bags are gladly bought in the trade and first deposited in the garden house or greenhouse. It is not unusual for them to spend a few years there, because they forget them or just do not need them. The result: The seeds are planted at some point and one waits in vain for the seeds to germinate. But they have mostly lost their germination capacity and will therefore not rise. But to check if the seeds are still alright, you can do a very simple germination test.

Germination test
Take a small plate, put a damp cloth or kitchen paper on it and sprinkle about 50 seeds on the base. Now you have to cover the whole thing with plastic wrap and place the plate at about 20 degrees on the windowsill. The pad must always keep you moist. If, after a few days, more than half of the seeds germinate, sowing is worthwhile, if not, then away with it.

Video Board: (Hindi) Seed Germination Test.

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