Giant Funkie 'Empress Wu' - The biggest hosta in the world

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Among the known and registered 4000 varieties of sparklings, there are already some large-sized plants like the 'Big John', but none of them can get used to the giant Funkie 'Empress Wu'. The shadow-loving hybrid was bred from the 'Big John' and reaches a height of up to 150 centimeters and a growth width of about 200 centimeters. Added to this is the size of their leaves with a length of up to 60 centimeters.

Hosta Empress Wu

Still you can only guess their full size. The giant Funkie 'Empress Wu' takes about three years to reach its final size

Breeder, origin and naming of the Giant Funkie

The 'Empress Wu' was bred by Virginia and Brian Skaggs from Lowell, Indiana in the USA. Initially her name was 'Xanadu Empres Wu', which was shortened for the sake of simplicity. In 2007, she became well known when she set a new size record for her leaves. By this time, the mother plant 'Big John' record holder with 53 centimeters sheet size. This was improved by the 'Empress Wu' by 8 inches to 61 inches.

The state of Indiana seems to offer ideal growth conditions for funerals, which is why here in addition to the Skaggs also some breeders such as Olga Petryszyn, Indiana Bob and the married couple Stegeman have prescribed the perennial. So it is not surprising that regularly announce news about new breeds with the reference to Indiana in the professional circles.

Location and care for Hosta 'Empress Wu'

The Funkie 'Empress Wu' is a fast-growing plant for hosta conditions - provided the conditions are right. In a partially shaded to shady location, she feels most comfortable (no more than 3-4 hours of direct sunshine) and given her size, she requires plenty of room in the bed so she can develop.

The solitaire tree loves a moist, nutritious and humus-rich, loose soil that it can root through well. Once these prerequisites have been created, there is little obstacle to strong growth, because even the number one predator - the snails - has a hard time making its way over the giant Giant Funkie leaves. Within three years it reaches impressive proportions and is an attractive eye-catcher in the garden.

If you also want to have such a giant Funkie in your garden, you can, for example, order them from the perennial nursery Gaissmayer. How to multiply your Hosta later by dividing, we show you in this video.

Giant Funkie Empress Wu in the shade bed

Unfortunately, it has already faded, but the size of the 'Empress Wu' is still impressive

So you can use the giant Funkie 'Empress Wu'

In addition to being able to use it as a solitary shrub for the garden, the 'Empress Wu' can of course also be integrated into shadow or existing hostabeete. It is wonderfully framed by smaller hosta varieties, ferns and perennials and thus shows off very well. Further good plant companions are, for example, spleenwort and flat filigree fern as well as other shade-loving plants.

In addition to the use in the bed, it is also possible to plant the 'Empress Wu' in the bucket. This makes it even more beautiful, but also requires more attention, as far as its nutrient balance is concerned.

Video Board: Dividing Hostas.

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