Gladioli hibernate - 4 important tips

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So that gladioli and also dahlias can hibernate and drive again in the next year really beautiful blooms, it requires already some considerations and rules.

Gladioli winter tips

  1. After digging, a period of careful dehydration of the sticks follows. Once these have dried sufficiently, all diseased parts of the tubers must now be carefully trimmed.
  2. The dahlia now their stems are reduced to a length of about 15 centimeters.
  3. gladioli can be very good to one Braid braided to hang the onion tubers in winter and thus reach the airy and cool storage at about five degrees Celsius.
  4. Dahlias, on the other hand, should never dry out when they overwinter. They expect storage in a box filled with sand, which is then placed in a frost-proof room in the basement. See: Dahlias overwinter

How to make it so that your flowers bloom beautifully again next year.

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