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Are you looking for a beautiful climbing star for your garden? How about with the crown of glory? It is easy to plant and easy to maintain.

Plant the crown of glory

The glory crown, which is scientifically named Gloriosa Rothschildiana, is a spectacular climbing plant, which feels comfortable in the tub on the terrace and on the balcony as well as a houseplant in a pot. Especially the fire-red, exotic flowers make for a very special sight. However, the crown of glory can only thrive so magnificently if planted correctly and in its preferred location. What passionate hobby gardeners should be able to find out below.

The perfect location for the crown of glory

This plant needs a lot of light. From a partially shaded location, the crown of glory is therefore anything but enthusiastic. With a bright sunlight, the exotic plant for the apartment and the balcony, however, also can not handle. Otherwise, the flowers and leaves could burn quickly, which is why a sufficient sun protection is desirable. In addition, the glory crown should always be protected from the wind.

Temperatures between 17 and 22 degrees Celsius are preferred by the plant. It is even better if the temperatures in the vicinity of the glory crown remain as constant as possible. Also a high air humidity should have the location to offer. The humidity should be between 50 and 60 percent, so that the crown of glory can flourish as desired. A place next to the heater therefore does not like the climbing plant.

Furthermore, the crown of glory is very much about a trellis aid such as a trellis or a wall. A climbing aid with a height of about one to two meters is perfectly adequate.

The perfect ground for planting the Glory Crown

The crown of glory prefers a neutral soil, whose pH should accordingly amount to 7. Since the crown of glory is usually planted in a pot or bucket, that should not be a problem. After all, hobby gardeners can specifically take an influence on the pH of the soil. The substrate is a mixture which can be mixed in equal proportions from the following substances in just a few steps:

  • potting soil
  • sand
  • peat

Check the pH of the finished mixture again before planting the glory crown. You can use special pH test strips for this purpose. How to use this correctly, you will learn in our post Video: Test PH value in the ground - video tutorial.

So plant the crown of fame right

Step 1:

The first step is to prepare the perfect mix of the already described seedling for the glory crown. Because this humus rich, water permeable and extremely nutritious soil provides the perfect conditions, so that the crown of glory can develop its full flower power soon after planting.

Step 2:

Commercially, the plant is available in the form of elongated root tubers. These must be used when planting transversely below the surface of the earth. The bud approaches are namely to be found at the two ends of the roots. By using the tuber of the Glory Crown transversely, the bud ends will not stick down. If one end of the plant tuber already has a bud, it may be useful if this end is slightly higher than the other. Then first cover the tuber of the glory crown with earth, whereby a rather flat layer of earth of not more than three centimeters is absolutely sufficient. When planting and pressing on the ground, care should be taken to avoid damaging any buds that may already be present.

Step 3:

After planting the Glory Crown, you should water it enough. Then patience is needed, because it can take a long time until the first shoots of the glory crown appear on the surface of the earth. You should not doubt yourself if the desired results set very slowly. The roots must first grow and take up their intended activity. Once the crown of glory breaks through the earth, it grows extremely fast. Every day ten or more inches of height are added.

So pour and fertilize the crown of glory properly

It is generally enough to pour the crown of glory twice a week. The substrate of the Glory Crown should always be moist. Once the leaves of the plant wither, you can pour them less frequently. If the Leaves of the Fame Crown have eventually withered, you will not need to water them anymore. Now it is time for the tubers of the plant to dry in the pot. Incidentally, the crown of glory is overjoyed during its flowering when it is occasionally sprayed with water. Whether for pouring or spraying - the water used should ideally have the following points:

  • soft and as low in calories as possible
  • room hot
  • stale
  • ideal: clean rainwater, which can be filtered if necessary

In addition, you should once a week add some liquid fertilizer containing nitrogen to the irrigation water. These nutrients urgently need the crown of glory to flourish as abundantly as possible.

It is best to pour the crown of fame from above. In addition, you should make sure that the water can drain well. An irrigation mat or other irrigation aid can ensure that the plant can provide itself with sufficient water as needed. Here are some more tips for caring for the glory crown.

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