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Gooseberries are frugal spring flowers for rock garden beds. They also grow lush on dry stone walls, in wide paving joints or on stairs and tolerate partially shaded locations. Compact growing varieties are also well suited for boxes and containers with seasonal planting. Suitable companion plants are early flowering bulbous plants such as blue-eyed (Scilla siberica) or grape hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum). The gooseberry are popular with bees with their early flowering.


The shoots of the Caucasian Cress should be cut back to about 10 cm after flowering so that the plants remain compact.


Goose fighting needs little care at the right location.


Goose cress can be multiplied by cuttings in spring or autumn. They easily rooted on contact with soil.

Diseases and pests

The sturdy goose cress is like many rock garden plants hardly affected by diseases and pests. Also, snails are fortunately not interested in the plant.

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