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In many gardens there is the gooseberry. It is a typical shrub in our latitudes. Even our ancestors were enthusiastic about the gooseberry and their popularity is still unbroken today.
The gooseberry is something special:
Either you magsie or you do not like them. Rarely, there is someone who eats the gooseberry so from the bush. Most varieties of gooseberry are sour and in this respect not necessarily tasty, but on the cake or as a jam they are extremely excellent.
The gooseberry should also be on the menu because of its valuable ingredients. It contains minerals and vitamins. Furthermore, silicon is included, which ensures a good connective tissue.
In addition, the gooseberry has a stimulating effect on hair growth, draining, cleansing the intestines and detoxifying heavy metals in the body. Since these effects can usually be used by everyone, the consumption of gooseberries is certainly more often planned in the future.
The gooseberry in the jam
What is a real breakfast without jam? That simply does not work! Or again invited to friends and you would like to bring a not everyday trifle? How about a jar of homemade jam? The gooseberry is a great way to make jam out of it. Above we have already noticed that the gooseberry is not for everyone, but as gooseberry jam the world looks very different.
At the breakfast table jam is the icing on the cake and everyone is happy about a jam of homemade jam, because this is something completely different than the usual flowers or chocolates. Gooseberry jam comes in many varieties. If you do not like the gooseberry dominance, you can combine it with other fruits. The kiwi is quite similar to the gooseberry and makes a great addition to this one. In addition, kiwi - gooseberry - jam can be produced relatively quickly and without much effort.
All you need is kiwis, gooseberries and preserving sugar in exactly the same weight. This depends on how much jam you want to make. Of course, a small amount of all three ingredients is sufficient for a single glass.
The kiwis are crushed, the gooseberries can be processed as whole fruits or in the passed state. Kiwis and gooseberries are put in a pot together with the gelling sugar and can be pulled there for an hour. The mixture is then boiled and boiled bubbly for 5 minutes.
After that, the kiwi gooseberry jam is immediately poured into the prepared jars and turned upside down for about 10 minutes to allow a vacuum to form. For cooling and storage, the glasses can be turned back correctly.
Very nice is the gooseberry jam in summer suitable for giving. Fresh gooseberry jam in a small basket, a few of the fruits and a few more pieces of homemade gooseberry cake, the successful Schlemmer surprise is ready to be invited to the summer party.
What else goes with the gooseberry?
It is not always necessary to combine gooseberries in jam with other fruits. Rather, you can continue to steer the taste of gooseberries in other paths with a few fine ingredients. So you can add some fresh mint leaves or a dash of rum or whiskey at the end of the cooking time.
Other fruits to combine with the gooseberry are, for example, the banana, which provides a pleasant sweetness and the pineapple, which brings a touch of exoticism in the jam. The taste is interesting with the addition of horseradish in the gooseberry jam.
The gooseberry is thus very changeable in jam form. This also applies to the consumption. It does not always have to be the toast or the bun for breakfast. Gooseberry jam can also be used to marinate with meat. Perfectly fits with turkey breast.

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