Gotu Kola plant - care, effect, tea

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Nature has many medicinal herbs in its offer. Many plants contain substances that support the health positively or help effectively with existing complaints. Chinese medicine is leading the way in this field with its centuries-old tradition. There, the species belonging to the genus Centella Gotu Kola plant abundant use.
Gotu Kola plant - care
As a perennial plant, Gotu Kola can also be cultivated here. Originating from tropical and subtropical areas, however, Gotu Kola does not tolerate frost and therefore has to spend the winter in the house. Actually, the Gotu Kola plant can stay in a heated room, but should never stand on a windowsill, under which there is a heater. Very important is that Gotu Kola always gets enough moisture. A better wintering place, where it is cooler, could be a bright staircase. The earth must never dry out completely.
Even if the plant dies, do not throw away the pot and soil, because normally new plants will start to grow again from the existing seeds in the coming year. If the dead parts of the plant are removed from March onwards, all that needs to be done is to pile up some soil and provide enough moisture. Guaranteed were seed kernels in the soil that germinate very easily. It is recommended that during the summer already sowing seed to the side, if it should not work with the hibernation.
Gotu Kola needs in the pot a nutrient-rich soil, which is also permeable. Therefore ideally mix the soil with some sand. Gotu Kola thrives best in the open air during the warm months, but the sun should not shine all day long at the location. A half-shady place gets Gotu Kola much better. Even in a place that is constantly in the shade, the plant grows great. Gotu Kola looks great as a hanging plant on a shady wall. The foothills may hang down conditions up to a meter. It is very important that Gotu Kola always gets enough water.
Gotu kola plant - effect
Elephants have a wonderfully functioning memory. Homeland of the Gotu Kola plant also includes the areas where the Indian elephant is at home. The people of this area are firmly convinced that the good memory of these animals is related to the plant, as the animals like to eat it. In Asia one swears by the Gotu Kola plant to increase the ability to concentrate. There, the plant is also used as a nerve food and sedative. Gotu Kola makes a name for itself as an antiaging agent because it is supposed to strengthen the connective tissue and help with varicose veins. In addition, Gotu Kola is said to have immune-enhancing, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, diuretic and aphrodisiac properties.
Gotu Kola - tea
The leaves can be harvested from the hive and consumed fresh, possibly as a side salad. Dried and brewed with hot water, they make a refreshing tea. The foliage is dried in midsummer in a shady place. With some care Gotu Kola thrives with us. Should it not work with the somewhat difficult hibernation, with seeds can be provided again and again for offspring.
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