Granules Geohumus saves water

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According to the manufacturer, every third potted planting can be saved by adding potting soil to the new soil additive Geohumus.


When repotting, about 10 grams of Geohumus are mixed under each pint of potting soil

From now on balcony and garden lovers can plant the irrigation right away and save on average every third casting. If the Geohumus potting soil is added, the granules can store up to 40 times their own weight of water like a sponge - a favorable alternative to expensive irrigation technology.
Geohumus is based on the superabsorbent polyacrylic acid, which is also used in baby diapers thanks to its enormous water storage capacity. For use in the garden and in agriculture, the superabsorbent is combined with rock flour, which makes it structurally stable and prevents the formation of a gel layer. Just one tablespoon per liter of potting soil is sufficient to catch the irrigation water directly at the root, to store it and, if necessary, to gradually release it to the plant.
Geohumus is offered in cups of 500 grams (about 6.50 euros) and in bags of 60 grams (about 1.35 euros). Available at the garden shop and at

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