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If you do not want a cold stone floor on the balcony or the terrace, you should lay a lawn carpet. With a modern lawn carpet you can turn the balcony, the terrace or other areas around the house into a small green oasis.
Artificial grass carpets in various sizes are available at specialist retailers or at hardware stores at reasonable prices. Also, the laying prepares no major effort and is possible without previous technical knowledge.
What is a lawn carpet?
Grass carpets are a cheap, robust and easy-care alternative to natural grass. Grass carpets can be purchased as webs in different color gradations, sizes and quality levels. Not only can they be laid out on the balcony or terrace, they also offer the opportunity to creatively design other venues. So you can use lawn carpets, for example, when building a miniature golf course or a playground in the nursery. Or what about decorating the winter garden with a lawn carpet as a floor covering? In any case, lawn carpets offer considerable advantages:

  • They are extremely easy to care for, because mowing, scarifying, fertilizing and irrigation omitted.
  • The lawn carpet is guaranteed to be beautiful year-round and weather-independent.
  • Even under strong sunlight, the UV-protected synthetic grass mixture does not lose its bright green color.
  • Likewise, the consistency remains the same for a long time, so that the lawn carpet always conveys a comfortable and soft feeling.
  • Furthermore, the good durability and durability of the lawn carpet convince.
  • In addition, it can be easily and quickly laid without lengthy preparation.
Choose the right grass carpet
First, you have to opt for a lawn carpet variant. One should pay particular attention to a natural look, a thorough processing and high quality material quality. This is best ensured by tufted grass carpets. In these carpets, the artificial turf is introduced in tufts, which gives the impression of a closed turf with individual blades of grass. When buying, you should also pay attention to the following:
  • UV stability
  • fastness
  • drainage
  • fast drying in wet conditions
These factors are particularly important when the lawn carpet is to be laid outdoors and exposed to the weather.
Lay lawn carpets on a firm surface
First, the area to be laid is measured, and the grass carpet tracks are cut with scissors or a sharp knife, if necessary. Then the tracks can be rolled out and laid side by side. The tracks should not be laid too tight at the edges. It should be about five millimeters to the balcony railing, to the house wall or to another boundary.
The seams and edges of the carpet are fixed after fitting with artificial turf adhesive. Then let the adhesive harden. Then you put some quartz sand on the ground, which may then be entered again immediately. A lawn carpet needs little care. It is sufficient to clean it regularly with a vacuum cleaner or a high-pressure cleaner.
Lay lawn carpets on a natural surface
Grass carpets can also be laid on a natural surface, such as in the garden. To ensure a stable installation, you should remove the old surface and fill the area with sand and gravel. These should form a flat layer about 15 centimeters thick. The substrate is then compacted with a vibrating plate and leveled. If the ground is flat and firm, you can begin laying the lawn carpet.
It is important to lay the artificial turf in the same direction as the natural turf. So the artificial turf fits better into the overall picture. After the rolls have been rolled out, the edges of the lawn carpet are cut to size. In order to connect the individual webs, one uses a 20 to 30 centimeters long artificial grass adhesive strip. This is placed in the middle of the seam between two webs. In each case, there must be room for maneuvering about two millimeters between the tracks.
Then it's time to give the lawn carpet that certain something. To do this, sprinkle some quartz sand on it with a grain size between 0.3 and 0.5 millimeters. This visually matches the artificial turf to the natural grass. In addition, the sand forms a water reservoir, which relieves the fibers and makes the artificial grass last longer. Finally, the sand is brushed into the lawn carpet with a hand brush or an automatic bristle brush. The lawn carpet is already laid and can be entered.

Video Board: How to lay a new lawn from turf.

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