Cultivating grasslands: Important information from sowing to winter protection

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Cloves bloom almost everywhere. Besides, they are not broken. You still need a little care. Only then can they unfold their full beauty.

Cloves bloom almost everywhere

Cloves (Armeria) are robust, undemanding, hardy and therefore easy to care for. In order to thrive well, you need to optimize the soil before planting. Then the usual care measures are incurred. This includes proper watering, fertilizing and pruning of the plant. In addition, she needs some protection in winter so that she can thrive again next year.

Move the clove and plant in the garden

Sow the grasslands in pots from February. As a substrate, you can use ordinary sprouting soil that you need to keep slightly moist. The flowers are among the light germs. Therefore, press the seeds only lightly with your fingers into the substrate. Then place the seed pots in a light and warm place. After three to four weeks, the grasslands will germinate. Then wait another four weeks before bringing the young plants into the garden.

The planting distance should be about half as large as the average growth width of the sown variety. If you do not know the variety, use a guide of 25 centimeters. A particularly beautiful effect unfold the flowers in rock gardens. They can also be cultivated well as potted plants. Always choose locations where the grasslands get plenty of sunlight. Learn more about planting grasslands here.

Optimize soil for grasslands

Cloves prefer a water-permeable and nutrient-poor soil with a high mineral content. The flowers can also cope well with ordinary garden soil and almost all other soil types. The water permeability of heavily compacted soils should be optimized. Simply mix ordinary sand or pebbles before planting.

Cutting the cloves

Cloves need no pruning for healthy growth. However, if you want to prevent spread by self-sowing, you should regularly remove withered flowers. The measure has the advantage that the flowering time is extended.

Pour and fertilize the grass

Pour your grasses extremely sparingly. The flowers also tolerate prolonged dryness well and respond too quickly to too much water with root rot if the soil does not allow for rapid oozing.

The nutrient requirement of the grass carnation is very low. Just mix a little bit of manure fertilizer into the irrigation water at the beginning of the growing season.

Overwintering the grasslands

Cloves belong to the hardy plants. However, if the protective snowpack is missing at low temperatures and clear weather, some varieties may be sensitive to direct sunlight, so that a shading device may be useful.

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