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A regular cut makes the lawn so beautiful and dense, because it promotes the branching of the grasses. But if the grass grows vigorously in the summer, mowing causes considerable amounts of clippings. The bio bin is full quickly. But the valuable, nitrogen-rich raw material is actually too much for the waste. Instead, you can recycle it as a compost or mulch useful.

Composting the grass clippings

Small amounts of grass clippings are easy to compost. Important: Spread the crop first and let it dry a bit. In order to prevent rot, the grass clippings are then mixed with coarse garden waste or chopped wood, for example in a ratio of two to one. In a closed composter manages the rotting best.

Dry grass clippings

Composting the grass clippings

To prevent rot, the freshly cut material is first dried in thin layers (left). The valuable raw material is also suitable for composting. Use small amounts, otherwise it will turn to rot instead of the desired decomposition (right)

Maulchen with grass clippings

Also for mulching the fresh green is suitable. Bring the grass under trees, shrubs and in the vegetable patch in thin layers. Advantage: The soil does not dry out so quickly and does not get muddy in the rain. Mulching promotes soil life and inhibits weed growth. However, do not use grass clippings that contain seeds bearing seeds as they may otherwise germinate and need to be re-weeded.

Mulchen tree slice with grass clippings

Mulching vegetables with grass clippings

Mulching protects the soil from drying out and suppresses weed growth (left). A layer of grass for heavily eating vegetables: soil organisms transform the material into valuable humus (right)

mulching mower

In urban or terraced gardens, discarding grass clippings can be a problem. Here mulching mowers are an alternative. When mulching the grass clippings are not collected in the catcher, but finely chopped, then trickle into the turf as a fine mulch, where it then rots. However, you should mow at least once a week, otherwise too much clippings and the lawn felted. Mulching works well in dry weather conditions, in wet conditions you should better catch the grass clippings and compost.
As lawn mowers, hand-operated reel mowers are used as mulching mower, or lawnmowers with a sickle knife, which can be retrofitted with a mulching kit in the discharge chute. Mowing robots also work according to the mulching principle.

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