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Turf are ideal for laying on driveways and parking lots. It is a cheap, easy and environmentally friendly way to make larger areas passable. The honeycomb are made of plastic, but very stable.
The installation is easy and quick. Who has built a house and now wants to save some money, but still needs a driveway and a parking space, for this is a good idea. You can lay the lawn honeycomb wherever the ground is not sealed, but still heavily loaded and where a high degree of seepage and stability are still important.
Advantages compared to grass pavers made of concrete

  • Much easier, thereby also better to transport and lay.
  • Almost complete greening possible. The honeycombs disappear almost completely. In concrete version you can always see the concrete bridges.
  • Concrete extracts moisture from the soil (chamber filling) and this lacks the lawn. This is not the case with plastic honeycombs.
  • They are resistant to weather and frost, a very quick and easy solution.
Plastic lawn screen meshes are interconnected (area load distribution). This is not the case with concrete lattice. It can come to cavities and bagging and the surface is unbalanced. Individual grids can even break.
What to look for when buying!
Important is a large chamber volume. This is achieved by a minimum height of the honeycomb of 40 mm. Honeycomb must be environmentally neutral and UV resistant! It is favorable if they are highly resilient. Even if you only set a normal car on it yourself, it can happen that larger cars come to a halt on it, e.g. Ambulance, craft truck or van.
Good quality PE-HD lawn screen grids have a higher density than e.g. LDPE. They are more stable and break-resistant in frost. Also, they do not stretch so much in the heat. They are very easy to connect with each other.
Laying the lawn honeycomb
The installation is easy and fast. This is also because the plates are firmly connected by a hook and eye principle. No matter which plastic honeycomb you choose, the underbody construction is the same for everyone. The soil layer consists of base layer, leveling layer and board filling.
  • Base course gravel with grain size 32 to 45
  • Leveling layer - sand or grit
  • Plate filling - Lawn
The lowest gravel layer should be about 25 to 30 cm thick for a parking space or a driveway. For walkways, a thickness of 15 to 20 cm is sufficient.
  • On this layer you put a water-permeable filter fleece, so that the sand or grit does not slip. (The sand or grit layer does not have to be thick.)
  • Also over it comes a fleece layer. On this the lawn grids are now laid, which are connected by means of hooks and eyes.
  • The lawn grid honeycomb can be cut so that they can be adjusted exactly. Therefore, accurate work is possible.
  • Finally, fill the laid honeycomb with soil and step on it.
  • Then sow the lawn and water gently. The lawn can be mown just like any other.
Importantly, with the benefit of parking or driveway, wait until the first mowing, otherwise the lawn can not develop well.
Alternative filling
If you want to save the labor of mowing, you can also fill gravel into the honeycomb. This needs no further care.
  • The cheapest plates are available at a size of about 58 x 39 x 5 cm for about 3 ÔéČ. They can only be loaded up to 140 t / m┬▓.
  • In the size 50 x 50 x 4 cm, loadable up to 350 t / m┬▓, they cost about 50 to 60 cents more per piece.
  • However, there are also much more expensive models. A price comparison is usually worthwhile.
Conclusion of the editorship
Lawn mats are not a bad fix for parking and driveways. But even those who need to save should not necessarily prefer the cheapest products, but pay attention to quality. As a rule, manufacturers with many years of experience are the best. Those who have maintained their position in the market for a long time are usually reliable. It is also beneficial to look in the neighborhood or anywhere where lawn gratings have been laid and to benefit from the experience of the owners.

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