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If you want to create a new lawn, the right grass seed is particularly important. Before making a decision, you should clear some points: how heavy is the soil? What does he consist of? Is he heavy, sandy or angry? Is he just? Are there any miracles? Is the grass area in the sun or in the shade? How is the area used (children)? How much care should be taken? All this must be taken into account in the selection. Otherwise it can happen that you decide on the wrong grass seed and later have little fun on the lawn.
If you do not want to bother and whitewash your grass for a beautiful lawn, then you are well served by turf. Although this is more expensive, but you have the right lawn and just need to water properly until it has grown.
For grass seed prices are quite different. A 10 kilo sack, which usually suffices for 400 square meters, costs between 30 and 90 euros. Providers of more expensive products warn against the poor quality of cheap products. If you want to know if there are differences, you have to test different products. There are also 1 kilo of sacks for those who want to bother to test the varieties. That's just right and cheap. So you find out if the three times as expensive grass seed is also three times as good.
The selection of the right grass seed
The choice is yours: Either you buy the regular spring offer at the nearest hardware store or at the nearest discount store, and despite the low price, this may not necessarily be a bad choice if the grass seeds have been carefully selected. This is a conceivable possibility if a larger surface with normal soil quality and normal temperature level is to be quickly planted.
Or you may have certain requirements that differ from the average conditions or have special demands on the use of your lawn. Then you should take a little more time to choose from and learn about the many different types of grasses and their special characteristics, and then put together a grass seed or buy an already assembled grass seed that meets your exact requirements.
The important points in selecting the grasses that grass seed will produce
You should select the desired grass seed by exploring the following properties for each grass:

  • Is it a fast growing or slower growing grass
  • Is the grass rather light or rather dark in color?
  • Is the need for nutrients high or low
  • What is the water requirement of this grass?
  • Produce these grass seeds from hard-wearing lawns or those that are more lightweight
  • Cut compatibility, possibly Tiefschnittverträglichkeit
  • The grass forms runners or even rhizomes
  • Winter coloring (is not very beneficial for individual varieties)
  • Krankheitsanfälligkeit
Now you just have to evaluate which of these features are most important to you, and you can make your choice.
For the individual grass varieties, there is an overview article here at, more detailed information you can get in the garden shop or on the Internet, if you z. B. on search the grass variety.
Only deliberately compiled grass seeds lead to the dream lawn
It is certainly useful to know exactly which type of grass you would like to have for your lawn, but this knowledge should not lead you to believe that you can now simply get this grass seed and start sowing your lawn can. Unfortunately, the grass seed is sold in grass seed mixtures, and you now have to find the mix that contains the grass you prefer.
If you do not feel like exploring the constituents of each grass seed mix (though you may find it difficult to do so, traders who sell the grass seed pack under names such as "miraculous turf" often give the not included), simply contact the specialist.
Because every year in Germany recommendable lawn-seed mixtures are compiled, always a whole small catalog, with 8 different categories of seeds and different special mixtures for different special needs in each of these 8 categories. The expert knows these seed mixtures, he also knows exactly which grass seed is contained in the individual mixtures, so he can help you quickly to the grass seed for your dream lawn, and about the sowing of these grass seed you will also learn everything necessary from him.

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