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The Content Of The Article: dish and damage or destroy the seed.
First of all, you have to go in search of the appropriate grass seed. This can be done, for example, in the hardware store. A grass seed mixture always consists of different types of grass, since each soil offers different conditions. The correct condition can be helped, but the ideal soil will not be reached.
If you have found the desired lawn now, the soil is prepared for sowing the lawn. For this purpose, you first dig the future lawn or milled them, then the surface is flat (plan) made. For optimum soil preparation, it may also be necessary to make some changes to the texture.
In heavy clay soils, the addition of polystyrene or sand provides balance, in sandy, light soils they are made with the help of humus, compost or peat ideal for the lawn. It is also possible to determine the nutrient content of the soil by means of a soil analysis and to further improve the conditions for a healthy and dense lawn by incorporating fertilizer.
If the soil has been prepared in this way, the sowing of the grass can now take place. For this, bring about 15 to 25 grams of the seed mixture to one square meter. In the case of grass seed, it is especially important to distribute the seed evenly, otherwise the grass will later proliferate in one place, while another is bald.
Now it is time to wait until the first green tips show up. If this is the case, the delicate lawn needs to be protected from dryness from now on. That is, if it is extremely dry, the new turf must be poured carefully. For a lawn sprinkler is ideal. If the lawn has reached a length of about 10 centimeters, the first cut is due. Now the lawn is ready for use.
Who owns a garden, not infrequently dreams of the perfect lawn. An easy way to create a lawn is simply to sow it out. There are a lot of different grass seeds, ranging from a small animal meadow, over lawns for shady or sunny places in the garden, sport turf, golf turf, landscape turf to luxury turf.
The quality and suitability characteristics of grass seed and their mixture can be seen from evaluation schemes of the Bundessortenamt. So everyone can easily find the right seed.
Good grass seed is contrary to the popular opinion, not cheap. For 400 square meters of good lawn, a 10 kilos bag and costs about 60 to 70 euros. Shadow grass is usually even more expensive. Cheaper is the Spielrasen.
Lawn can usually be seeded from April. It is important that there are no more frosts. Therefore, those who want to be on the safe side only sow after the ice saint. Also, the floor is usually still too wet.

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