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Most soil pests are responsible for the stains

If brown spots appear in the lawn, then this is usually an indication of soil pests. Find out how to fight the turf spots here.

Blame on it are usually soil pests
Especially if such stains occupy a not very large area, it is soil pests. Alternatively, too intense sunlight could be the fault. But then the spots would be larger or would be heaped up. Especially if the lawn has a lot of weeds, is very dense and, if it is still wet, then these spots can be caused by the meadow snakes. The animals lay their eggs in the grass and the larvae then eat up the roots of the grasses.

Meadow snakes and cockchafer
The larvae can be seen well with the naked eye. So you can pick them up especially at dusk or, if it rains, very well. The eggs are laid in the months of August and September, during this time best keep the lawn very short and mow more frequently. In addition to the gnats, grubs may be responsible for the stains. These up to six centimeters larvae of cockchafer live just below the ground and also feed on the roots. Ventilate the soil well and chop it sufficiently.

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