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grave arrangement

Lovingly decorating a resting place frees the bereaved from the apathy of deepest grief. This positive effect is strengthened when members make funeral arrangements and grave-fun themselves. Since a wide range of prefabricated basic shapes and beautiful accessories can be discovered in specialist shops, a grave can be decorated with mourning floristry at any time of the year, not just for All Saints' Day and Dead Sunday. The following instructions explain how, with a little creativity, you express your appreciation for the deceased in an impressive way.
Instructions for a grave arrangement
The grave arrangement presented below is designed to be arranged with both fresh and artificial flowers. In addition, the choice fell on a wicker basket and a wreath as basic forms that can be used repeatedly in modified form without the visitor of the resting place noticed.
material requirements
  • Wicker basket with foil insert and a width of approx. 18-20 cm, height 8 cm
  • Wreath of vines or twigs with moss, maximum diameter 40 cm, height 8 cm
  • 50 grams of flake moss natural
  • 3 berries in red with wire stem
  • 1 brick mastic
  • 5 roses with opened flowers à 10 cm - fresh or in silk
  • 5 roses with closed flowers à 6 cm - fresh or in silk
  • 2 spirals of gold wire
  • Amaranthus (foxtail) - fresh or prepared
  • Prepared bindweed or fresh shoots of thuja, ivy or fir
If you choose to use fresh flowers, support wire is still needed to give the stems the stability needed for attachment. Here's how to design:
Cut the floral foam so that it fills the wicker basket to just below the edge. Afterwards, cover the mass thinly with moss to avoid the eyes. If the wicker basket has handles, they are cut off with the pruning shears. Place the prepared basket in the wreath and create a base for the decorative design of the interior of the wreath. The next step is the creative arrangement of the roses. If necessary, shorten the stems with scissors so that the flowers project no more than 15 centimeters over the moss. Begin in the middle, alternately pushing budded and open flowers slightly obliquely into the floral foam. The roses on the outer edge should lie diagonally on the vine wreath, which gives the basket additional stability. In the intervals, arrange the red berries and the foxtails. The golden wire spirals lie all around on the wreath, gracefully extending towards the center, where the wire ends in the tile disappear.
Tip: Take a look at the current cemetery statute before purchasing the materials. Sometimes it is mandatory that only compostable materials may be used to align the shopping list afterwards.
Guide to a Grabstrauss

Tie grave tears

The symbolism as a last greeting to the deceased is particularly closely linked with a grave tomb. An ancestral wreath of flowers and branches is used in many regions immediately after or after the funeral as a statement of condolence, if a traditional wreath would go beyond the reasonable scope. On small resting places, such as urns or individual graves, a grave bouquet serves as an adequate decoration, if a grave arrangement would seem too dominant. On All Saints' Day and Dead Sunday, a mourning raffle is permitted in many cemetery statutes as jewelry for a meadow grave, which must be left open in spring and summer so as not to hinder the regular mowing work by the cemetery administration staff. The following guide explains step-by-step how to do a grave pour yourself:
material requirements
  • Fir green, coniferous branches, large leather fern leaves
  • Pine cones, nature or sprayed
  • binding wire
  • support wire
  • Garden and wire cutters
  • Deco bow or cuff
For the color design, a variety of seasonal flowers and plants come into consideration. In winter, carpets, witch hazel, snow surrogate or corkscrew grazing are recommended for decoration. Classic mourning flowers, such as lilies, carnations, roses or gerberas, come into consideration for the summery container. Beach lilac, wheat ears or pussy willow are very beautiful here. A lying Grabstrauß bind you like this:
So that the actual binding work proceeds without interruption, all flower stems are wrapped in a spiral manner with a support wire. The plant tissue must not be damaged under any circumstances. The same applies to the pins, which are wrapped in the middle with wire, with the tapered wire end at least 10-15 centimeters in length.In this way, they get the necessary stability to be inserted later in the bouquet, if required. The green you now summarize in one hand so that the long branches are outside and the short branches in the middle. This provides the framework for the desired flat arrangement. As a result, the creative phase of the design begins. Cones, fresh and dried flowers, wheat ears and other accessories are combined in such a way that the green serves as a contrasting background. With the wire cutter, cut the stems to a uniform length and bend them upwards. In the last step, the lower end of the bouquet is beautified. For this purpose, cut several pine branches to a length of about 5 centimeters. In the opposite direction, insert the green into the ostrich end so that the curved wires are covered. Ideally, a color matching loop is bound.
Condolent bouquet for the vase

Make grave arrangement yourself

If the grave is intended for a place in the vase, a round arrangement offers itself. The materials and the preparation work correspond to the instructions for the lying version. In addition, the use of a heart cuff is recommended. Follow these steps:
  • Pick up the chosen main flower
  • Right-handed people take it in the left hand, left-handed person in the right hand
  • During the design, the thumb fixes the last applied element
  • Arrange all other accessories around and fill with green
  • The outer conclusion form fir green, Koniferenwedel or green leather fern
  • Use a pair of scissors to cut all the stems to a uniform length and tie them together with wire
  • The stems of fresh flowers are cut diagonally so they can absorb water better
Lastly, pull the heart cuff over the funeral bouquet and tie it with bast at the bottom.
Tip: In order to give the grave a harmonious shape, in between the container is examined with an outstretched arm in order to make timely corrections.
Grabstrauss for urgent
Not always enough time to devote yourself to the arrangement of an arrangement or opulent container extensively. If the right materials are at hand, a bouquet of mourning will succeed within a few minutes. The components are not tied cumbersome, but put directly into a vase, which is filled with earth and sand. This is how it works:

material requirements

  • Vase filled with earth-sand mixture
  • Ball with artificial fir branches
  • wooden sticks
  • Christmas roses or other flowers of silk with stem
  • White rattan ribbon with wooden beads
  • Decorative hearts with peg wire
The fir ball put on the vase. The necessary support is provided by 3-4 wooden sticks, which are pushed through the ball into the ground. The still visible ends just cut off. Now pick up the silk flowers and put them in a circle around the fir ball at an angle into the vase. The rattan ribbon is draped all over the ball. You also push the ends of the tape into the ground. Finally, add the deco hearts to the bouquet by sinking their wire in the soil-sand mix, thus preserving stability. If the bouquet serves the grave decoration for the Advent season, simply exchange the deco hearts against small Christmas balls, attached to a wooden stick.
The design of beautiful grave jewelry is no longer just the florist. Thanks to a variety of shopping sources, you can easily make a funeral arrangement and a funeral grave yourself. Sometimes your own garden already supplies all the important components, such as bindweed, pine cones, flowering branches or flowers. Then there is only a lack of work materials, such as floral foam and wire, as well as hands-on instructions to create an individual mourning floral design on your own. For the tormented soul of the bereaved, the creative work also acts as active mourning work. Anyone wishing to express their condolences with a flower arrangement or container will appreciate the cost savings.

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