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Graves also want to be beautifully designed in autumn - after all, in this way the memory of the deceased is kept alive and, with a selected grave plantation and loving care, it expresses its memory. For autumn and winter are especially hardy plants that survive well below freezing. On public holidays, especially to All Saints Day, special arrangements and arrangements decorate the graves. We give practical tips for autumn grave planting and show beautiful ideas.

Design tips for autumn grave planting

When designing, your ideas have no limits. It is important that you do not overload the fall bed. Already with two to three plant species in different shades you can create a clear rhythm. A repetition of small patterns, for instance at the ends of the tomb, flatters the eye as well as a planting in the form of a small hill, which runs out to the edges with ground cover. Circular or diagonal plantings create new small planting spaces and also structure the grave.

Grave planting with purple bells and chrysanthemums

Surrounded by easy-care ground cover, the planted median strip is a real eye-catcher: purple bells and chrysanthemums alternate, ornamental grasses relax the arrangement

Practical tips for grave planting in autumn

If you want to renew the grave planting in autumn, we have good news for you: After planting the plants in the following months almost no care work on. The reasons: In the autumn and winter months, it usually rains sufficiently, so that an additional watering is not necessary. Since the plants grow at this time only little, even fertilization is unnecessary or could even harm them.
So that the new grave planting looks beautiful from the beginning and because the plants grow only little in size at this time of year, you should set this a little bit denser. With various leafy and flowering plants, you can create a varied design that captures the color of autumn foliage and reflects the colorful season. The autumn leaves that fall on the grave, you should, however, remove regularly, as in ground cover, which are not native to the forest, otherwise easily forms rot.

Suitable woody plants and ornamental plants for autumn

The silver and violet tones of pansies (Viola wittrockiana) and horn violets (Viola cornuta) as well as the red and pink flowering heather (Erica gracilis) are still very popular. The silver leaf (Senecio cineraria) brightens the autumn planting with its silvery floured leaves. Also popular are cyclamen (Cyclamen persicum), which bring variety in white and pink in the red and yellow shades of autumn. Take the Cyclamen back on small-flowered varieties, as they survive the freezing temperatures better.

Grave planting with Calluna, Cyclamen, Santolina, Euonymus

Cyclamen are an eye catcher between Besenheide and Heiligenkraut in front of the modern tombstone

Modern appear white species and varieties in combination with blue tones - such as the gentian. Other classics among the grave plants are chrysanthemums (Chrysanthemum hybrids) or the pink, white or bright red snow heath (Erica carnea). The range of snow heath has expanded in recent years by many early-flowering varieties. In the case of the heather plants, however, it should be noted that the pink Erica gracilis, the pot heather, is not hardy, and the plants easily wither. In contrast, the summer or broom heath (Calluna vulgaris) is more persistent and also puts minus degrees loose away. If she is watered regularly, she shows the winter over her pretty flowers. From the broom heath you should immediately plant a higher number of pieces, as it unfolds its effect better.

Grave planting with chrysanthemums and books

Chrysanthemums meander through the book and are a nice colorful accent

Woods and foliage plants give graves a structure. Barberry, juniper, plate moss or smaller conifers can give the grave a frame or set accents. Suitable for this are plants with showy leaves: purple bells (Heuchera), silver leaves, low-growing ornamental grasses or Sedum species. In the middle or in small groups, the classic violets and pansies can also be used here.
Even plants that bear small fruits - such as ornamental peppers - can be an eye-catcher on the grave. From time to time you can see the ornamental cabbage, which adorns the grave with its colorful leaf rosettes and curly edges in an unusual way.
Heath family are often planted together with silver leaf in trays. Especially for All Saints' Day, these bowls and arrangements adorn the tombs. Decorative are combinations of Erica, silver leaf (Senecio cineraria) and barbed wire plant (Calocephalus brownii).Branches, rose hips and Ilex ring in color and symbolically the pre-Christmas period.

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