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For the planting of the river bank the Wasserdost with its far-glowing bloom umbels is nearly perfect. Moreover, this plant is quite easy to maintain.


Those who create a natural pond in their garden soon find themselves faced with the inevitable question: How do I design the riparian zone? The range of suitable plants for the pond edge is broad. However, the variety of suitable shore plants should not lead to chaotic bank planting. Advisable is therefore a well thought-out planting plan. In addition to tall grasses in the background of the garden pond, undoubtedly the Eostatorium is particularly effective. With its remarkable umbel he also supports the biodiversity of insects, birds and other small beneficials.

Portrait of the water-dog

The Waterdost is a hardy, herbaceous perennial. Originally the plant originates from North America. Depending on the species and variety, the water can reach heights of growth of 40 centimeters to a considerable two meters. Its flower umbels unfold from July to September single flowers, which in turn light up white, pink, burgundy to purple depending on the species and variety. The most upright stems are quite rough and red to brown over-colored. The oil glands on the stem also give the water diet a herbaromatic scent.

Overview of Eupatorium species

❍ Eupatorium cannabinum:

  • also called Kunigundenkraut
  • flowers pink and grows up to 130 cm

❍ Eupatorium Fistulosum:

  • known as giant umbrella
  • flowers white, pink or purple
  • can grow up to 200 centimeters

❍ Eupatorium rugoum:

  • is a brown-leaved giant umbrella


  • Purpurdost
  • Blossom dark purple
  • 180 centimeters
  • blaze

❍ Eupatorium Fistulosum "Baby Joe":

  • small to 40 centimeters
  • pink violet
  • compact growth

❍ Eupatorium fistulosum "Phantom":

  • big water gore 80 to 100 centimeters
  • Blossom purple pink

❍ Eupatorium fistulosum "Augustrobin":

  • is also called Gluball
  • 130-160 centimeters
  • maroon flowers

This location is best for the water

Wasserdost flowers

The location for the Eupatorium should not be either bright or too dark. Therefore, a light shade is best suited, in which the plant catches sufficiently sunny hours in the morning and in the evening. In addition, the location should be humid. Cheap locations are riparian zones of ponds or streams but also wet meadows. Basically, the soil should be moist, slightly acidic and humus.

Preparation for planting

Water can be planted from spring to autumn. It is advisable to prepare the plant well. Proceed as follows:

  1. Mix loamy garden soil with fine sand in the ratio 1: 1.
  2. Then lift out a spacious planting hole.
  3. Dress soil and sides of the plant pit with the clay-sand mixture.
  4. Thereafter, the water is placed in the plant bed.
  5. Cover the root ball with the rest of the soil mixture.
  6. Finally, pour the young plant thoroughly.

How to properly maintain the water balance

To water:

If you have given the water to a damp location, then additional watering is unnecessary. If a prolonged period of drought occurs, water your shrubby plant once or twice a week.

Cover the location of your plant with mulch. This reduces moisture loss during drought.


In spring, fill up the nutrient depot with rotten compost and humus. A layer of foliage additionally provides a rich soil in autumn.

Rear section:

Cut back your waterdost in the spring. At this time you can best judge on which length and width you would like to shorten the perennial. Wilted inflorescences, on the other hand, can be removed immediately after flowering.


With its shrubby growth and bright umbels, the Wasserdost revives riparian zones of ponds and streams. The most tall shrub needs a moist, partially shaded location. If the plant is in the right place, there is no need for further watering. Fertilization is primarily in spring with rotted compost and humus.

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