Green collar of tomatoes

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As much fun make us funny growth forms, size variance and diversity, so annoying are spots, fouling and fruit damage. The green collar is a classic tomato damage, albeit a harmless one.

What is green collar?

In the case of the so-called green collar of tomato fruits, the tomato does not completely turn out in its rich red, since the ripening process is disturbed by external factors. Greenish to yellowish spots form around the stalk, the pulp underneath is hard and tasteless. Nothing changes in the green areas if the fruit gets stuck to the plant for a longer time.

How does this happen?

Green collar tomato greenhouse

Green collar turns out differently strong and does not always occur on all fruits

The phenomenon green collar is due to no parasite, but a physiological response to the respective culture conditions. Of course, the reason for green collar is not clear. If the fruits are very exposed to the sun, a lot of water is poured and fertilized with a high nitrogen content, the phenomenon intensifies. The outer fruits are usually more affected by the strong sunlight than the inside hanging.

What to do?

Green-rimmed tomato white background

The green collar not only sits on the skin, but pulls itself in the stalk approach into the pulp

Use robust varieties and avoid over-irrigation, excessive exposure, and excessive nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Special fertilizer for tomatoes contains the right composition. Even homemade nettle or comfrey slurry gets the tomatoes well. If the sun is particularly aggressive, shade the perennials and do not remove the outer leaves. Also, try to reduce the amount of irrigation water. If nothing helps, make a complete grade change. For some varieties, e.g. Matina, Picolino or Dolce Vita rarely or never occurs in green collar. Light fruit types are generally less affected by the green collar, and the stronger green fruit and flamed tomato varieties.

Are the fruits still edible?

Green collar does not affect the enjoyability of the fruits. Since the hard, green flesh but does not taste, you have to cut out the places around the stem generously.

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