Green manure for the vegetable garden

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First of all, you need the right green manure to prepare the soil for sowing. Furthermore, one would like to have own vegetables in the next year as well, so that the soil should already be prepared accordingly, that vegetables will grow in the following years.
As a result, you should already use the right type of fertilizer and make the vegetable garden properly. However, this does not mean that you should buy fertilizers and soak the soil with it, the fertilization of the soil is basically by putting the individual plants in the upper part of the soil layer.
Green manure practically
The green mass in connection with the corresponding soil bacteria becomes a nutrient for vegetable cultivation. For example, if you want to completely rebuild a vegetable garden, you should use lupins for this. These loosen the soil and thus improve the water absorption of the soil. This can not dry out, thus ensuring the survival of vegetables.
Midsummer is particularly suitable for the redesign of a vegetable garden. After all, vegetables also need a lot of sun and water. Especially in the summer it rains a lot, so that the irrigation is carried out by nature alone.
In case of an upcoming drought, of course, you have to help by pouring yourself. In addition to lupins, however, other green plants can be chosen, for example, should first be buried in the soil soil with compost, because this is basically the best fertilizer. As a further green manure can then be selected, for example, also crimson clover. This also revitalizes the soil and thus contributes to the fertilization or to the preservation of a beautiful soil.
The effect of green manure

Of course, if you have planted a vegetable garden, you naturally want it to thrive for a long time and not just provide you with fresh vegetables in one year, but you keep repeating this procedure over and over again. Of course, in order to get this effect, you also have to do something about it, for example by treating the soil in such a way that it always serves the vegetables with the corresponding minerals, etc., so that it can grow and develop well.
For example, you can achieve this goal with green manure. Green manure is not a fertilizer in the sense, but rather a seed between the different types of vegetables, which ensures the health of the soil.
Furthermore, biologically different minerals are formed, which are important for the growth etc. of the vegetables. So you can count on a bigger harvest, so far you have done everything right with the green coin.
Even between broad vegetables in the soil you can use green manure plants between the individual vegetables. Above all, you have a natural fertilizer and does not rely on the nasty fertilizers made of pure chemistry, which can not only be harmful to the earth, but also damage the vegetables.
Either it does not taste so good or the harvest can be lower. A green manure is therefore probably the best for a vegetable garden. After all, you do not grow the vegetables for fun, but for the reason that you want to eat the vegetables.

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