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Green manuring has many advantages: The plants, which germinate easily and quickly, protect the soil from erosion and slurry, enrich it with nutrients and humus, loosen it and promote soil life. When choosing plant species or seed mixture you should pay attention to the crop rotation, so do not select species that are related to the subsequent crop. For example, it does not make sense to sow leguminous plants such as lupins or clover on harvested pea and bean beds. Mustard is suitable cruciferous vegetables for the garden anyway only conditionally, because he is susceptible to the disease Kohlhernie. The bee lover (Phacelia), however, is ideal because it is not related to any crop.
If you have a suitable seed mixture, you can start with the sowing of the green manure.

Materials for green manure

Loosen the bed with cultivator

For the sowing of a green manure you need a rake, a cultivator, a watering can, a bucket and of course the corresponding seed (left).
The harvested bed is first loosened well with the cultivator (right). Larger weeds should be removed at the same time

Level surface with rake

Fill seed into bucket

The surface is then leveled with the rake (left). In addition, it crushes larger soil lumps, so that a feinkrümeliges seedbed is formed.
Best fill the seeds into a bucket (right) for sowing, as this allows you to remove the seeds comfortably by hand. We have chosen a seed mixture with honey bee (Phacelia) as the main ingredient

Sprinkle seeds by hand

Rake seed with rake

The best way to whitewash is by hand: Take a small amount of seed out of the bucket and spread it as evenly as possible on the surface with a long, energetic arm swing (left). Tip: If you are unfamiliar with this technique, you can simply practice hand sowing with some light building sand or sawdust.
After spreading the seed evenly on the surface, rake it flat with the rake (right). So it is better protected against dehydration and well embedded in the surrounding soil

Water the bed with the watering can

Pay attention to the ground

The bed is now evenly poured over the watering can (left). With larger areas, the use of a lawn sprinkler is also worthwhile.
Make sure that the soil does not dry out in the following weeks during the germination phase of the different green manure plants (right)

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