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In front of the house, between the hedge and the house wall, there is a narrow strip of grass with an island bed, which can not be seen from the street. Because of the many conifers and the colorful summer flowers, the design is no longer up to date and looks a bit livelier.

Box seat at the flower promenade

Past roses, lavender and cranesbill, you can now stroll along a narrow gravel path through the front garden and at the end you reach a small paved area, where you can set up a small seating area as you wish. To get more space for flowering plants, now extends a bed along the wall of the house to the hedge. In addition to roses, lavender and cranesbill, a hydrangea and the up to two-meter-high Thuringian shrub poplar (Lavatera) also carry these sought-after colors in a harmonious manner.

Gravel path and paved area

A narrow gravel path leads to a paved area, whereupon a seat is located

From June to September, the new planting is in full splendor, complemented by annuals such as pink jewelery baskets and purple petunias that adorn the paving area in pots. The cream white shrub rose 'Summer Memories' and the red flowering clematis hybrids 'Niobe' are placed in front of the conifers right behind, so that they hide the green giants in the lower area well. Evergreen bookballs give the bed structure in the winter and form ideal buffer between the flower stars. However, Buchs needs a regular shape cut.

Tricky to enlarge the garden

What applies to clothing fabrics, is also true in the garden: stripes make you slim. Here, however, the pattern ensures better utilization of the existing area and makes the garden appear larger.
A wide wooden path made of weatherproof Robinia wood runs slightly diagonally through the garden to the existing coniferous trees in the background. When the weather is nice table and chairs are set up quickly and favorite plants in pots are put in the right light.

Wooden deck with potted plants

In our second design idea create stripes on a wooden path to make the garden look bigger

Vertical elements make use of the space upwards: A wide wooden trellis in the bed in front of the house wall offers the gold hop and the mountain clematis optimal advancement opportunities. Sometimes white 'Snow White' roses planted in front of it sometimes bloom until the end of November. They are accompanied by a red peony, which already flourishes in May / June, and robust gold spurge.
Even without showy flowers is also sloping and widening to the rear bed with compactly growing gold-edge funkies and bookballs an eye-catcher. The Japanese harlequin willow on the left with its pinkish-white-green leaves and the white-flowering Spierstrauch in May are very decorative. The small bed in the foreground shines especially in the autumn with dark-leaved Fetthenne and upright pipe grass.

The planting plans for both design proposals can be downloaded here as a PDF document.

Video Board: Lacul Green Paradise.

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